Are Hair Extensions Easy to See?

Anyone that is concerned with wearing wild color extensions or big bold hair from the 80s should start with the ponytail.

Whether you’re a celebrity or a regular Jane, using hair extensions are a great way to change your look or just put an extra pep in your step. When choosing hair extensions, I always suggest that someone go lighter than darker to highlight an outfit, eye color, or skin tone. There are many different modalities of hair extensions to choose from, but the biggest question is whether they can be clearly seen when worn. Today I’m going to highlight a couple hair extension types that are the very best for concealing the fact that you are wearing extensions altogether.

It is extremely essential to choose the right hair extensions for your hair. If you are going for a bold look then choose a big bright color and use as many bundles of hair as your head will allow you to, however if you want it to be subtle and unseen, it’s best to choose hair that blends well with your own natural hair in texture and in color

Clip In Hair

Are Hair Extensions Easy to See?

 One of the most important rules about clip in hair is to make sure that you leave enough natural hair at the top of your head so to cleverly cover the actual clip ins. I’ve even heard some people go as far as to claim the clip ins are not very natural looking, but I completely disagree, it all depends on how many clip ins you’re using and how well you blend your natural hair to the actual hair extension clip ins. This is a very easy way to enhance your look. They’re very simple to install, easy to purchase, and they take no time to remove if needed.

Ponytails Hair

Are Hair Extensions Easy to See?

 Anyone that is concerned with wearing wild color extensions or big bold hair from the 80s should start with the ponytail. The ponytail adds length and volume without being too intrusive. I personally started with the ponytail years ago when I went on my first date, it gave me confidence and made me feel like a little lady, which is exactly what I was. Because the ponytail is easy to install by attaching to a bun and using a already attached tie to wrap around that bun there is no risk of anyone finding out you are wearing hair extensions at all. It just looks like a long ponytail. So next time you’re considering a little length and a little volume but you’re shy about anybody finding out simply order a ponytail, throw it on before work and watch your confidence boost with no one the wiser.