Celebrities and Their Long Hair

Celebrities and Their Long Hair
Celebrities and Their Long Hair
Megan Winning Grammy at the Grammy Awards

I think we have always wondered how celebrities get their long hair, especially the ones that are on the cover of a newly released magazine, huge movie, or limited TV series, If thats you. Then you’re not alone. I have especially wondered how the Kim Kardashian West’s and the Megan the stallions have kept their long locks for such an extended period.

Every day it seems like they have some fabulous new look debuting on tick tock or Instagram, with each better than the last. How do all these celebrities pull it off. Hair extensions! Exactly. They have all used hair extensions to create long lengths, or a particular 70s or 80s look, or just to add volume for a specific role. The great news is that all of us even the non-celebrities can take advantage of changing our look or appealing to our alter ego using extensions.


Celebrities and Their Long Hair
Lizzo at her Birthday Bash

From the beginning of her career Lizzo has been known for her inspired outfits and her long and high ponytail starting at the top of her head. She made it her go to look to avoid maintenance and allow for quick installations, with such a busy schedule including touring and recording. It also became a mainstay because it’s much cooler on the head than wigs or a full head of sew in extensions.

It was able to be accomplished by using a ponytail hairpiece extension. Which can be easily installed and wrapped around a bun in the back or the top of the head within just a few minutes. Also if the extensions themselves are high quality it can be used for months or even years on end.


Celebrities and Their Long Hair
Megan The Stallion

With Platinum Albums flying in. Megan The Stallion who has graced the cover of magazines over the past four years as she is taking the rap, music world by storm. She often wears body wave and long 22-to-28-inch locks of silky voluminous hair. Luckily this look can be achieved by anyone using clip in hair extensions or particularly weft which can be sewn into the head. Simply make sure that the extensions that you choose match your natural hair color.

The list of celebrities that use hair extensions are endless as it can help to create an entirely different character even if it’s just for a Grammy performance or for the attendance of the Emmys or the Academy Awards.

In today’s heavily rotated social media accounts. You can even see your favorite stars and celebrities live streaming their entire hair install and even referring you to the companies that they support and endorse to get their luscious locks.