You can change your look instantly with hair extensions, just like that. Weather it’s a headband wig or clip-in extensions, every girl can have her famous transformation.

Below is what you need to learn before you make your next hair extensions purchase.

How much time do you have When styling: If you don’t have much time went styling you’re hair you may want to choose synthetic hair extensions instead of 100% human hair extensions. Human hair extensions will behave exactly like your normal hair, meaning it will need styling on a daily basis, and sometimes with heat. It will also need caring for at night with rollers or curling rods. Synthetic hair extensions very rarely need any styling if at all, they really are a throw on and go type of modality. However, I must note that synthetic hair extensions will not and will probably never look as good as real human hair extensions. Also, synthetic hair extensions will never last as long as human hair does.

3 Things You Need to Know When Buying Hair Extensions

Which type will you use: It’s important for you to understand exactly which type of hair extension system you will use. Will it will be bundles hair extensions, clip ins hair extensions, tape Ins hair extensions, headband wigs, lace front wigs, or full lace wigs. All of these are available at our online store. However, it’s up to you to choose exactly which system type you will use to install. Clip-ins and tape-ins are very easy to install and will make your natural hair look more voluminous. Headband wigs are also very easy to install however they cover all of your natural hair and none of it will be shown. When buying hair extensions, installing bundles as well as lace front wigs require some skill that may need to include a professional stylist. This is the second step that you must ponder about before you make your purchase, this is a very important one so make sure you choose wisely.

3 Things You Need to Know

What length should you choose: It is extremely important for you to choose a length that compliments your lifestyle, your face, and your habits. In other words, some of us want 40-inch-long hair extensions however, 40-inch-long hair extensions would not be conducive to a lifestyle if I work in a retail store dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis, and I already hate following a hair care routine. 40-inch-long hair belongs on the head of someone that has a very flexible lifestyle from day-to-day and that has the time and the tenacity to care for those 40 inches of hair on a daily basis. Trust me that much hair needs daily care. We offer hair extensions from 12 inches all the way to 40 inches so you don’t have to be overzealous about your choice, you can choose a 14-inch-long Bob look that will leave you with minimal hair maintenance duties and a beautiful chic look.