3 Ways to Care for Your Wig

3 Ways to Care for Your Wig

We normally cover hair care and hair care is vitally important however often wig care can be overlooked, let us today focus on a few ways that we can care for our wigs simply and efficiently.

Quality products are essential for longevity in human hair wigs. You’ve heard it time and time again to treat human hair as if it is your own hair growing out of your scalp. If you’re using quality products, you will get the most bang for your buck because you give the wig longevity. Avoid cheap and inexpensive products like shampoos and conditioners and focus on quality first. free of pair of bands and sulfates of course.

Nighttime wrapping is another big component that makes or breaks any wig. If you protect your hair and your wig at night, it will serve you better in the morning. Avoid leaving your wig out and the elements for dust and dirt to collect on them, your wig is not a winter coat. It’s not something that you can just hang up as you enter the door nor pick up as you exit the door. It takes care and consideration and most of our protection.

3 Ways to Care for Your Wig

Having a wig head to keep the shape of the wig is very important, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it is very important mark my words.

Using a great co-wash along with shampoo will go a long way for lengthening the life of your wig, just like regular human hair whenever it gets washed with the proper products it will feel light and fresh and slayed. Try to avoid lots of heat and excessive products as this will weigh the hair down dull the Sheen and even stiffen the follicles.

 Using a co-wash will allow you to washing product out of it here however avoiding stripping the hair of any natural oils or moisture to keep it light and bouncy. The idea is that you use a co-wash in between your deep washings. The co-wash is simply conditioner mixed with a a little bit of water and your deep washing will be used with shampoo. The co-wash will help to remove oyster eyes the wig and give it back his shine.

Today we only covered three however there are a bounty of different ways to care for your wig we will cover more later, until then keep reading and stay sweet babes.