4 Ways in Which You are Damaging Your Extensions

4 Ways in Which You are Damaging Your Extensions

4 Ways in Which You are Damaging Your Extensions

(Without knowing it)

We regularly chat with our customers, giving them styling tips and pieces of advice. We are also very much present whenever they have a hair related disaster. This could range from burning the clip-ins to wrongly bleaching or even putting their wig in the washing machine (yes, that happens too). We’ve heard quite a number of sad hair stories. So, to ensure such stories are significantly reduced, we opted to share how some ladies are damaging their units without even knowing it. This should hopefully someone the pain of having to do away with your hair extensions before getting value for money.

  1. Use of Wrong Products

Not all products that are recommend for natural hair can be use on hair extensions. Since extensions are not regularly washed, there is a risk of the hair product building up, leaving it dull and sticky. Such products can even weigh down the extensions, resulting in its inability to hold curls for long. This is why you need to avoid any heavy products, such as salt sprays and dry shampoos that leave your hair extremely dry.

  1. Improper Brushing

Looped brushes are the best for hair extensions. This is mainly because the looped bristles cannot pull the hair. They can be used on natural hair as well, so you may want to consider investing in one as they promote the health of your hair. With the right tools, gently brush your hair extensions starting from the ends towards the roots, slowly detangling any knots as you move along. We strongly advice that you use your fingers to detangle the hair while brushing to avoid subjecting your extension to undue tension.

  1. You are using too Much Heat

Too much heat can cause ruining of your hair extensions. The maximum temperatures should not exceed 185°C, as this is the optimum heat styling temperature. Anything higher than this can easily damage the keratin bonds, resulting in brittle ends and breakage.  Be sure to apply heat protectant before exposing your extensions to any heat.

  1. You are letting them stay in for too long

Hair extensions are not to be worn permanently. Clip-ins for example, should only be worn for a few hours a day if they are to last you for more than one year. Even though many wear them to the gym and when going for swimming, it is not recommended. The tossing and turning experienced in sleep could easily create a tangled mess, so it’s important to remove the extensions before bed (if possible).

Bonus Tip: Blow drying

Unlike your natural hair, your hair extensions are not receiving any nutrients from your scalp. It is important to keep them well moisturized, away from any moisture stripping process such as blow-drying. Minimize their washing and allow them to air dry after washing. The best method would be gently brushing them out after washing and laying them on the towel to air dry overnight. You may also apply a silicone treatment that replaces the moisture that may have been lost during the washing process.


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