5 Important Tips for Undoing Braided Hair

5 Important Tips for Undoing Braided Hair

5 Important Tips for Undoing Braided Hair

Braided hair is beautiful. It has a natural way of bringing out your beautiful face while providing a low maintenance pretty hairstyle. Taking down braids can be daunting at times, and we totally understand why. Undoing micro-braids or any other type of small braids can take so much time and even damage your hair at times. This happens especially when you have no idea of what should be done. The tips I am going to share in this post are aimed at helping you save your hair from any damage or loss when taking down braided hair extensions.



5 Important Tips for Undoing Braided Hair

  1. Regular rotation

Do not overstay with your braids, especially if they are micro-braids. This leads to the latching of your hair to the braids as it will have grown in a “comfortable” environment. This applies especially to women with the Type 4 and 3c hair as it tends to be curlier hence locking itself and making it difficult to remove the extensions. Wear your braids for a maximum of 6 weeks as anything beyond that is recipe for disaster.



  1. Careful wash

As mentioned earlier, coarse hair tends to lock easily and requires a particular type of washing and drying pattern. If you have the coarse type of hair, avoid using shampoos and conditioners that tend to dry the hair and encourage locking. Use oil based products as they tend to give your hair a “slippage” that comes in handy when trying to separate the strands.  Be sure to check whether the products are sulfate free and intended for hair extensions.

For an oily scalp and finer locks, rinse out the shampoo and cleanse your scalp with a cotton ball dipped in your preferred astringent. This will maintain your scalp in a clean, healthier state free from odor.


5 Important Tips for Undoing Braided Hair

  1. Prepoo your hair with natural oils.

Lightweight natural oils such as sunflower, carrot and coconut tend to lubricate your hair and leave it with a natural slip that eases the process of taking down braided extensions. These can be bought from any beauty shop as long as you trust their source.

  1. Don’t yank; snip at the ends

Use shears to cut off the ends before starting the unraveling process. Cut off as much of the hair extension as you can because this reduces the amount of time you’ll take to undo the braids. Once you start undoing your hair, keep off the scissors as an attempt to cut off any tangles will only lead to trouble.

Make use of your fingers much as you can.  This process may be lengthy, but it is worth it. Resist the urge to pull the braids in a bid to hasten the process as this will result in more tangles and unwanted friction.

  1. Use a natural-bristle brush to brush your hair once it’s undone

The brushing will help you get rid of any leftover hair strands that escaped your fingers. In addition, there is a possibility of your hair being restored to its natural shine and having your cuticles smoothened! This will leave your hair ready for the washing and conditioning you have been looking forward to!


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