5 Types of Food to Stay Away from For Healthy Hair Growth

5 Types of Food to Stay Away from For Healthy Hair Growth

5 Types of Food to Stay Away from For Healthy Hair Growth

Everyone is enthusiastic about healthy hair and lifestyle. And if you are reading this, it means that you share our enthusiasm.

You’ve likely spent sleepless nights watching videos and searching through blog posts looking for the product that is best for your hair. And if you happen to be one of those obsessed with healthy hair, you definitely would know the different types of food and food combinations that promote healthy hair growth.

Amidst all the obsession, there is a big chance that you haven’t researched foods that do not promote the growth of healthy hair, which you should avoid.

Well, you need not bother, we have done the research and have come out with foods that do not promote the growth of healthy hair.

All you need do is relax and read through the list of foods that we’ve compiled, and it’s okay to have a feeling of guilt when you come across some of your favorite food on our list of foods that are bad for hair growth.

At some point, I was hesitant in researching such types of foods that do not promote hair growth because i knew some of the food I might find in such a category could be something I have been consuming all my life.

Nonetheless, let’s delve right into the types of food we should avoid or reduce its consumption if we are to have healthy hair growth.


    I am sorry to be the one to bring this to you notice, but diet cokes are bad for hair growth. They are good for your weight, but I guess we can’t have it all. Real sugar in diet drinks is substituted for artificial sweeteners, particularly Aspartame.


The FDA has reported that excessive consumption of Aspartame can result in the thinning and loss of hair. Therefore, we should be very conscious of our intake of Aspartame and should try to not go over the quantity approved by the FDA. A better option would be to stop the consumption of artificial sweeteners(or drastically reduce its intake) and replace them with natural sweeteners like honey.

  1. SUGAR:

    You’ve probably said, ‘I am stopping sugar intake this year,” a countless number of times without any success. You probably would finally stop your sugar intake after you’ve read this.


Our hair’s building blocks are protein, meaning it is needed for the growth of hair. But protein absorption is hindered by sugar, which means lesser protein available for the growth of hair.


In the same way, we’ve said to stop or reduce the intake of artificial sweeteners; we should also reduce our consumption of food with high sugar content like white yam, white rice, and all other starchy whites.



    Everybody knows that taking food that isn’t great for the body will ultimately affect the hair also, but we seem to ignore that fact every time we opt for fast foods. Foods like greasy burgers and fries are indeed delicious, but the grease in them will find its way to our scalp, where they can cause hair loss by clogging our pores.


Most times, we are more conscious of the effects greasy food has on our face forgetting that it equally has the same effect on our scalp. Unless the oily food we are taking seals in moisture the same way pure Avocado oil does, it’s best we stay away from them.

  1. LIQUOR:

    I am sure you are shocked and sad that this is on the list, but yes, it is on the list. Since alcohol does not add any nutrients to our body when we consume them, it is only natural that its consumption is of no benefit to the growth of our hair.


To make matters worse, it even hurts the zinc levels of our body, and the body needs zinc for growth and healthy hair. In addition to its negative effect on the zinc in our body, it also causes brittleness and easy breakage of the hair through dehydration.

Excessive alcohol intake should, therefore, be reduced if you have any concerns for the health of your hair.

It is good to know the right types of food to consume for healthy hair growth, but it is even better to know the types of food that are not good for healthy hair growth so you will avoid such.

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