6 Things Women With Great Hair Do

6 Things Women With Great Hair Do

6 Things Women With Great Hair Do

1. She avoids using heat when styling.

Women with great hair ,I know, I know. Women with great hair ; its hard to pull this one off and look red carpet ready when you’re pressed for time. If you have to use heat, try steam rollers, They don’t get too hot, and the steam has a great affect in getting your hair the curls you may be looking for.

 However, if you absolutely have to use heating tools (blow dryers, curling iron, flat irons, hot rollers) on your hair to style it properly, then you should always use a spray-on heat protector before applying the heat.

2. She always sleeps on silk or satin

This is an easy one, cause using head wraps, and silk scarfs to wrap your hair at night is an old pastime to keep hair from being dried out by cotton pillow cases and bedding. Don’t forget satin pillow cases can do the job just as well

3. She keeps her hair clean.

We’ve all heard that refusing to shampoo your hair allows the natural oils to build up and enriches and nourishes..HOWEVER!!!Listen to your hair ladies.

If it smells, itches, looks heavy, or becomes hard to manage suddenly…. give it a good wash, at the very least a good Co-Wash….It will avoid split ends and give your scalp some much needed stimulation…. Thank me later for this


Women With Great Hair Do


4. She doesn’t skimp on moisturizer.

Remember to condition your hair, EVERY SINGLE TIME when you wash it. Its not just about the hair, but also about your scalp. If you moisturize your face and skip the skin on your head, you are likely not getting the growth or luster you may want in your hair and probably building light dandruff on your scalp. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

5. She steers clear of snarls.

Remember this: BOTTOM TO TOP!!… That’s how you should brush and comb. if you have a little tangling, don’t rip thru your hair to get them out. Be gentle and use a wide tooth comb starting at the bottom and slowly working your way to the top of the scalp, brushing/combing downward the entire time.

Women With Great Hair Do

6. She keeps it cool in the shower.

I love a boiling hot shower, but truth is that heat removes the volume from your hair. a warm shower is better and when conditioning, ice cold is best so your hair can lock in the moisture and nutrients.


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