8 Ways to Get Hair Shiny

8 Ways to Get Hair Shiny , Becoming a Hair Extensions Wholesale Buyer for the New Year

Getting your hair shiny like celebrities can sometimes seems like a cumbersome and even impossible task, that’s where we come in. Let us show you how to get your hair looking shiny and clean.

First let’s alleviate the idea that you will never have shiny hair, we have helped customers and clients with the driest hair on earth achieve luscious and shiny results. We’re not talking about temporary results from quick fixes that leave your hair even more dry. We want you to have long lasting lifetime results with this system in place for you to have shiny here for months and years to come.

What we need to know about here is that it is shiny when the outer layers of the cuticles are smooth, and it is dry when the outer layers of the cuticles are Rough because these scales are lifted on the cuticle and there’s smooth surface that’s totally disrupted.

8 Ways to Get Hair Shiny

How to Get Shiny Hair

Take this list of don’ts to avoid dry hair

  1. Don’t get into hot water
  2. don’t over style your hair with heat
  3. don’t leave your hair dehydrated
  4. don’t allow your hair to get direct sunlight
  5. don’t add color to your hair
  6. don’t overly touch or overly style or overly brush your hair
  7. avoid the pool at all costs

Now that we’ve covered the don’ts let’s get into what you need to do in order to attain luscious shiny hair.

8 Ways to Get Shiny Hair

  • Choose a hydrating shampoo; it’s not easy choosing shampoo with all of the different options today however it’s very important that you choose to shampoo that’s going to hydrate your hair to perfection. Investigate and find out which shampoo has the proper ingredients for hydrating your specific hair.
  • Use warm water; when washing your hair avoiding hot water is critical period as you can see it’s already on the don’t list. Treat your hair like a brand-new puppy any use soft warm water. Treat it gentle.
  • We should treat our hair like a brand-new puppy; we just went over this, but our hair should be treated gently. As if it was a brand-new puppy that needed a bath and a brushing. You’d be mindful of how that puppy feels when you’re brushing it, when you’re rubbing it, and when you’re adding any conditioner or product to its fur. Give your head the same treatment.
  • Give your scalp attention; attention to your scalp and making sure that it is healthy is also vitally important. As the scalp is exactly what is used to grow each follicle of hair and introduces her to sebum. however, if the scalp is over stimulated it maybe produce too much sebum which can throw off the balance of the hair that’s growing through it. You know there is too much sebum being produced they hear this growing through this scalp will be excessively oily as well as the roots will be excessively oily that oil will attract more dirt and again leave the hair dull and unhealthy.
8 Ways to Get Hair Shiny

8 Ways to Get Shiny Hair

  • Good conditioner for good conditioning; obviously condition is important here and making sure that it locks in moisture in order to reflect light and give off a wonderful healthy shine. But just like with shampoo all conditioner is not made the same and it is very important for us to investigate exactly which conditioner we should use that is best for our hair. We have previously written articles that mention which conditioners are best for your hair as well as what ingredients are best to hydrate the hair, we trust those articles will serve you well.
  • Leave in conditioner can be great; leaving conditioner can be great as it will serve as a great activator for your hair to leave it moisturized especially if it’s extra dry hair and it serves as a very proactive type of moisturizer. Again research, research, research.
  • conditioner for your conditioner; I know this seems strange but besides conditioning your hair and even leaving in leaving conditioner, is very important to deep condition your hair. Your normal washing conditioner is just for maintenance, kind of like washing your face every day and moist rising every day. But then there are those days that you need to do a mask on your face or get a facial. That’s where deep conditioning comes in deep conditioning is like a facial to your hair it goes several layers deep to ensure that your hair is getting exactly what it needs so then they can behave and perform at its top level.
  • Fold your hands; this is a habit that I’ve developed as well as many of my clients have developed per my advice because the truth is that we play with our hair way too much. We twiddle with it we curl it we tuck you behind the ear we pull on it, put it up, pull it back down, put it up again. All of this excessive touching adds dirt to your hair that dirt attracts more dirt than all of this makes the hair look dull way down to be heavier and it’s just plain unhealthy. I find telling clients not to touch their hair doesn’t do the trick so instead I tell them what to do with their hands which is simply fold your hands. Avoiding touching your hair for 30 days will do wonders for its look and shine.
8 Ways to Get Hair Shiny