Are You Afraid of Asking These Hair Extension Questions?

Are You Afraid of Asking These Hair Extension Questions?

Are You Afraid of Asking These Hair Extension Questions?

Hair extensions are the modern woman’s hair tool. However, there are some questions that many have never gathered enough courage to ask. Although they look glamorous from outside, there some weird incidences that only hair extension wearers know too well. If you’ve never installed hair extensions before, there could be some embarrassing questions you have been too afraid to ask. This is why we have brought together most of the behind-the-scenes stuff which you’ll need to know.

Isn’t it weird to have someone else’s hair on your head?

Well, Remy hair is made from real human hair. This is a fact that many of us have accepted without a second thought. So, no it is not as weird as you might think. It is just hair, who cares where it is from, especially if it enhances your looks? If anything, the hair is cleaned and processed before being sold, so what’s there to worry about?

Is it possible for extensions to fall out?

It is understandable to have such a fear. I can imagine a weft detaching and falling out in public, and what a nightmare this can be. I can assure you rarely does this happen, save for when it is wrongly installed. The possibility of this happening stands at 1%. To avoid such embarrassments, have your hair extension correctly installed and regularly check up to ensure everything is in place.

Can extensions damage my hair?

There have been several reviews speaking against hair extensions. If an extension is properly installed and cared for, there’s a 0% chance that your hair could get damaged. Installing hair extensions means you wish to protect your natural locks. This is why all attachment procedures have been tested and proven.

Are extensions addictive?

For many people, exposing their natural hair once they have gotten used to hair extensions can be a bit difficult. This just because they are not used to an ordinary look anymore. However, this does not mean they’re addictive or one can’t stop wearing them. It just that it may take some time before they get used to their natural strands again.

Will hair extensions thin my natural hair?

This is one of the most common myths that is not going away any time soon. What happens is that after taking off hair extensions, your natural hair might seem thin because you were used to voluminous hair. So no, your hair won’t thin because of wearing extensions, it will simply look that way as you had forgotten how your natural hair actually looks and feels.

Must I stop wearing hair extension?

If you are thinking of giving hair extensions a try, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to wear them forever. You are at absolute liberty to uninstall them and get back to your natural locks. It’s not such a big deal should you decide to take them off. The adjustment period might feel a little weird, but you’ll get used to your natural locks pretty quickly.

We hope that some of your burning questions have been answered and that installing hair extensions isn’t such a complex exercise anymore.

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