How to Choose Whether Lace Frontals or Closures
Are Right For You

Learn more about the details and differences between
lace frontals & lace closures

Dynasty Goddess Hair Frontals & Closures

Lace Closure-

An Oval or Circle like shaped hair piece made of lace or silk with strands of hair attached to the base. Normally 4×4 inches in size. Can come with pre-installed parts or free part (can be parted freely). A closure is used to make a sew-in or weave look more natural without the function of protecting one’s natural hair. It is usually placed in the middle or side of the head to complete a hair style of look. We recommend paring a closure with at least 2-4 bundles at the very least.

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Lace Frontals-

A 14-inch-long and 4-inch-wide piece of lace with hair strands embedded into the base. Normally from ear to ear and covers the front hair line. Lace frontals are used to give one a more natural appearance. They are also used to because of the diversity and the many different ways it can be styled. Such as wearing braids or a middle and/or side part. It is typically sewn down behind the ears so that the hairline looks natural. We recommend paring the frontal with 2-3 bundles to have a complete look.

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360 Frontal Band-

Essentially a 360 Lace Frontal is a lace headband with hair strands implanted at the base. It covers the entire perimeter of the head. The 360 frontal bands gives you the freedom to wear high ponytails and other fun and creative styles you would be otherwise not be able to do. 360 frontals have also been known to cut down the installation time to half and allows you to use less hair. We recommend pairing with 1-2 bundles for a complete look.

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