Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Braid installation has never gotten out of season! They are among the top protective hair styles that allow your hair to grow and rest. The number of styles in which they can be worn are numerous not forgetting how easy it is to work with them. However, just like any other hairstyles, braids require a considerable amount of attention. Here’s what you need to know.

Have your hair ready

Installing braids on prepared hair makes them last longer and ease the installation process. Having a protective style on for a month or so needs a clean scalp with conditioned hair. A dirty scalp results in clogged pores and a stunted hair growth. After clarifying your scalp, restore its moisture because braided hair will need as much moisture as it can possibly get.

Don’t neglect your hair during the night

Take care of your braided hair just as you would your natural hair. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent it from frizzing due to friction. Alternatively, lay your head on a silk pillowcase. This will keep your hair in shape for a longer period, thus reducing the need for touchup.



Braid Installation


Your scalp is bound to dry out more now that you will have your hair in braids and it won’t be washed as often as you would your natural hair. Sprinkle some water on your scalp to hydrate your hair. In addition, apply coconut oil to avoid product build up and sooth your scalp. Keep it clean and ever moisturized to prevent it from being itchy and dry.

Do not leave your braid on for too long

Unravel your braids in time to avoid serious damages. In as much as braids are a protective style and you may be tempted to keep them on for long, protective styles are temporary. Overdoing it will result in pulling your hair and may even damage your hairline! Once an installation is done, keep in mind how soon you will need to take it out.

Let your hair breathe!

Braids may be fun and among the easiest options for protecting your hair. However, you need to give your hair a break and let it breathe before putting on the next style. Utilize the break by deep conditioning, applying strengthening masks and keeping it hydrated.

Braids help your hair grow. To keep your hair moisturized throughout the installed period, we strongly recommend that you use human hair rather than synthetic hair. Check out site for the available perfect options of braids!


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