Are You Sabotaging Your Edges? The Best Way To Protect Them

Are You Sabotaging Your Edges? The Best Way To Protect Them

Are You Sabotaging Your Edges?

Extensions can be a life saver and can be an easy way to keep your hair protected for weeks on end. However, you could be sabotaging your precious edges while the rest of your hair is thriving.

While, extensions can be fun, exciting and versatile, they can be a hazard to your edges because of the constant pulling and tugging. Braids, sew ins, and other protective styles can cause irreparable damage, because the fine hairs closest to your hairline are already susceptible to a lot of strain and manipulation.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial you have a scheduled cleansing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing routine for your edges. You may even want to consider taking a hair supplement such as biotin or a hair, skin and nails vitamin to help with keeping your edges and baby hairs at their best.
Here are a few suggestions to keep them healthy, full and thick.

1.Consider Your Styling Options

A wig is much gentler on the hairline area than extensions. Sew-in weaves that are attached to your natural hair will tug on the edges and weaken them over time. With wigs, you get a natural look without the added tension on your edges.

2. Make Sure Your Install is NOT Too Tight

Make sure that any protective style isn’t installed too tightly, because it can be rough on your hairline and edges and cause them to slowly but surely break off.

3.  Limit Your Time Frame

Give your edges a chance to hang free without being pulled back. Extensions installs should be left in for no more than up to 8 weeks. Anything beyond that, will run you the risk of damaging your hair and your delicate edges!


Are You Sabotaging Your Edges?

4. Avoiding Excessive Brushing

Stay away from hard bristle brushes. Take it easy with your edges! They call them baby hairs for a reason.

5. Stimulate Your Hair Follicles!

Gently massage your hairline with an all-natural oil such as castor, coconut, tea tree, or almond oil.  This will stimulate hair growth and help to keep your edges moisturized and healthy.

6. Purchase an Edge Control with Nourishing Benefits

Before you go buying the cheapest edge control, check to see if they have any health benefits to promote nourishment and hair growth.

7. Stay Away From Ponytails

Ponytails can create a lot of additional and unnecessary tension on the hair. Avoid adding any extra strain, especially since you may already have braids underneath  your extensions. But if you must wear a ponytail, DO NOT pull your hair back too tightly on a regular basis and opt to wear looser ponytails and buns.

8. Use A Satin or Silk (Scarf, Bonnet, or Pillowcase)

AVOID cotton! Cotton can cause friction and tension. Which will result in the yanking and tugging of your hairline. Make sure you either wrap your hair in a satin or silk wrap or sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.  You work hard to keep your hair in a health state, Do Not neglect it at night!


When rocking hair extensions, it is so important to pay very close attention to your extra fine and delicate tresses along your hairline. You must give your edges extra love, care and affection to ensure they are healthy and in good condition. At the end of the day, we do not want to sabotage or sacrifice our edges, just for the sake of wearing hair extensions. So, make sure to give your hairline the attention and preservation it deserves to keep those hairs where they should be.

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