Are Your Brazilian Hair Bundles Legit?

Are Your Brazilian Hair Bundles Legit

Are Your Brazilian Hair Bundles Legit?

If you are a rookie hair buyer considering Brazilian hair bundles, you may want to keep an open mind and a sharp eye. Why? Because there are so many fakes out there, most of them mixed with legit hair so you can hardly tell! The following tips should help you distinguish real Brazilan hair from the knock offs.

What should you look out for in Brazilian hair bundles?

  1. Texture

Real virgin hair will not have a 100% perfect texture. It actually will have a coarse surface, just like your real natural hair. If it feels too smooth compared to your hair, chances are that the bundle has been exposed to treatments and chemicals that give it the smooth polish. If you are keen enough when running your fingers through the hair, you might be able to notice some of the coating that these chemicals usually leave.

  1. The Burn test

Take a stand from your Brazilian hair bundle and expose it to a burning flame. If it melts and forms a ball instead of burning and has a rubber-like smell with black smoke, it’s not virgin hair! Real human hair catches fire and burns instantly, curling into a little ball that smells like burning hair. Real hair burns; synthetic hair melts.

  1. The Color

Brazilian hair bundles boast of natural hair color because they have not been altered in any way by the seller. Even though the hair comes in various staples and colors, there is usually a predominant feature for hair coming from different sources. Natural hair tends to have natural highlights which are combined with lighter and darker elements. If the bundle you have has a color that is too consistent and monochrome, there is a very high chance that it’s not real!

  1. Price point

The cost of Brazilian hair bundles is significantly higher than that of synthetic hair. Unrealistically cheap hair (regardless of whether it is on offer or not), is an instant giveaway. Be wary of such hair. However, this does not mean that you should go for overpriced hair; shop around for average costs before making your purchase. Brazilian hair bundles are a great investment. Their natural texture and luster effortlessly blend with most natural hair, offering versatility that cannot be paralleled to any other hair bundle types. With proper maintenance, such hair bundles should last you months without matting and tangling. If you are going to spend your money on hair bundles, be sure you’re getting legit Brazilian hair b

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