3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

Summer is approaching dolls and hair styles are an important part of the Styles for summer vacation agenda.
Now depending on where you are located (because some locations are hotter than others) also remember that some locations have more humidity than others. Were going to put together an extensive list of Styles for Summer Vacation that will be versatile enough to wear anywhere.
1. First on the list is Braids for Styles for Summer Vacation…. But not any braids, the oh so popular boxer braids. I know today they are called corn rows, Bo Derek braids etc. but these are a great style when you’re on the go, jumping in the pool, hitting the beach and still have to get to work without spending 2 hours in the mirror the next morning. I like these because they are short, which means when its time to get them redone, it will be less time to restyle, and if using extensions, you don’t need a lot of hair.
3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation , Bob Cut

Styles for Summer Vacation

2. Next on the list is one of my favs, I use this style for the first style of summer as well as the first style of fall… it’s the long bob cut. I try to cut my hair twice a year and this style does it for me with out taking to much hair from my face. the long bob is famous among celebs like Meagan Good and Sharon Stone. It’s a classic cut from the 80’s that still turns heads and never goes out of style. You can use your very own hair or throw 1 bundle of extensions if you want to add a fuller look.
3. The Big Bun Look. The big bun is really just a high ponytail disguised, but if you can’t get a regular hair style due to constant sweating and humidity where you live and travel, the big bun will give you some style without the hassle. Just keep your hair clean and conditioned and get a bun that matches your hair color well…. And don’t forget to add flowers, beads, or bows on special days or just to jazz it up cause you’re make up is really beat that day.
Until next time dolls, Summer is approaching so stay cool, and stay dry.

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