Braids Itching Here’s Why

Braids Itching Here’s Why

If you have braids in your braids itch, then join the club. It almost feels like a rite of passage to get braids and have your scalp itching nonstop from the very moment you get out of the stylist chair. It doesn’t matter whether you use a professional license cosmetologist or a friend that’s really good at braiding hair, the results are the same.

Itchy scalp!!!

here are the reasons why are hair and head itches so much when wearing braids, hopefully they’ll make all of us settle down with a little bit of knowledge to know that nothing is wrong, at least nothing that isn’t reversible.

Dirty scalp: if you have dandruff, it means you have excess oil and dead skin later on your scalp this alone can cause the scalp to itch refuse sly because of all of the buildup. Dirt and oil obviously make the scalp even more dirty. This is the number one cause of itchy braids when installed. Because you are sweating every day along with the environment’s debris, it’s very important to keep your scalp washed to avoid it beginning to itch. Oh, don’t use leaving hair products and wash your hair at least every 14 days.

Braids Itching Here’s Why

Dry scalp: once again when using excessive oils on your hair you can avoid dry scalp, but you can’t use too much oil otherwise you end up with dirty scalp. A clarifying shampoo when washing your hair goes a long way, also spraying water on your scalp and under your braids every day will prevent this from happening.

Braids are too tight: even when your hair is not dry because you spritz it with water every day, and your hair is not dirty because you’re washing it every two weeks and not putting excessive oil on your head. If your braids are too tight it will agitate the skin and create a serious itching effect. There should be some tension after braiding your hair but there should not be so much tension that it hurts your head or gives you a headache.

Be sure and let your stylist know that you don’t want your braids too tight regardless of what they suggest, or think is best. Not only will tight braids cause the scalp to itch but it can also cause soreness and bumps, and if you continue to do this on every braid install it can create traits of alopecia. This happens because of the root being damaged over and over again. Remember sit down in the chair turn around and look the stylus in the eye and say, “please do not braid my hair too tight I need it to be comfortable”.