Caring for Your Blonde Curly Hair Extensions

Caring for Your Blonde Curly Hair Extensions

Caring for Your Blonde Curly Hair Extensions

When it comes to taking your mane to the next level, nothing does the job like blonde curly hair extensions. Perfect for those who want to flaunt their natural hair texture but want longer curls, this type of hair extension never disappoints.

Just like straight hair extensions, curly hair extensions require the right kind of TLC to continue looking and feeling beautiful. If you are scouting for some blonde curly hair extensions or have already taken the plunge, this is the best time to find out how best you can take care of your curly extensions. Read on to find out more!

  1. Make moisturizing your best friend

First things first, blonde curly hair extensions must be showered with lots of love. The easiest way to do this is by having a working moisturizing hair care system that will be gentle to your strands.

  1. Invest in a leave-in conditioner

It is no secret that blonde curly hair extensions thrive in a nourished environment. Given that your curly extensions are not getting any natural oils or nutrients from your scalp, your extensions’ routine needs to be taken a notch higher. This is where leave-in conditioners come in handy. Leave-in conditioners will go an extra mile in providing lasting hydration to your curly extensions, making the hydrating process much easier.

Caring for Your Blonde Curly Hair Extensions

  1. Proper detangling

How you get rid of the few tangles your blonde curly hair extensions will determine whether they last or not. The detangling process should be done on wet hair, as tugging at dry curls will lead to shedding. Use a wide-tooth comb that gently glides through your extensions starting from the ends and working your way towards the roots. Repeat this until your extensions are tangle-free .

  1. Regular washing

To this end, you may have noticed that blonde curly hair extensions are a bit high maintenance as compared to straight extensions. This is why you need to wash your hair regularly. If your blonde curly hair extensions are sew-ins,  washing them at least once a week should be enough to keep the curls nice and fresh. The same applies for curly ponytail extensions.

  1. Air drying

This is one the best things you could ever do to your blonde curly hair extensions. Excessive use of heat results in dry and dull looking hair extensions. So, after washing your curly extensions, allow them to air dry otherwise you will be left with flat, frizz-filled curls.

Now that you know some of the tips on how to care for your blonde curly hair extensions, which of these are you going to implement right away?

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