You’ve Heard it before, BUT I’ll say it again………GOOD HAIR IS’NT CHEAP, AND CHEAP HAIR ISN’T ANY GOOD.,,

I know, I know we cant all use the rent/mortgage money on hair every month. but its still important to demand and get quality hair at an affordable price…I refuse to believe we can go to mars,put a man on the moon, and have an I-Phone in our pocket that has more power in it than the first space shuttle…….but we cant get good hair without stealing out of mamas purse?

Cheap hair extensions are just that…. CHEAP!!…..i don’t care if they are from China, Brazil, Botswana or the Galapagos islands… if its too cheap, it cant be too good….and $20,00 is too cheap.



I mean think about it, you can’t take 2 people to the movies and have a popcorn for 20.00!!!!….and a movie is only a 2 HOUR EXPERIENCE!!!!!…… I want to look beautiful day after day, week after week….month after month…….Now I know that cheap hair is tempting, and sometimes the thought of “ILL JUST BUY MORE” comes to mind…… and you could do that… but at what cost? Say you spend $50.00 for a bundle deal and think to yourself, “I KNOW ITS CHEAP AND IT WONT LAST LONG, BUT ILL JUST BUY MORE LATER”.

I did this for a while until I realized that the impression  I was giving to people around me wasn’t my best. Cause strangers (including employers interviewing me) were thinking, I KNOW SHES CHEAP AND SHE WONT LAST LONG, BUT ILL GET ANOTHER HER LATER)……….it took me awhile, but once I got the revelation that if I invest in me, and other people see me investing in me……they automatically deem me as a good investment, and they want to invest in me too… with their time, money, attention, opportunity,ideas,, jobs, business, you name it…. My point is, hair says a lot about us, so make an impression. Lets not be cheap… but lets invest in ourselves with  quality and dignity and watch others follow in pursuit to do the same.

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