Date Night Hair that Won’t get Ruined

Date Night Hair that Won’t get Ruined

When going out on the town for a date night, we always have our checklist. Little black dress check, makeup check, hairstyle check, and is there anything that takes longer and is more indecisive I would decision as the hairstyle?

Today we’re going to go down a list of hairstyles that are quick and won’t get ruined for a date night.

Clip in hair extensions: anyone can wear these, so if you’re in the mood to while your spouse but you want something a little on the casual side, try clip in hair extensions. Bees will add volume and length at the same time, they’re extremely easy to use and they don’t require a hair stylist.

Date Night Hair that Won’t get Ruined

Fancy ponytail: now this isn’t your average ponytail that you go to the local store or run errands to pick up dry cleaning with. We’re talking about an elegant ponytail they give you style in class, where to get Stalin class and a quick and easy way you’re going to need a little assistance from a clip in wrap around ponytail as it is the best accessory for an instant luxury pony at a moment’s notice. You can wear it high on the top or wear it low, and even adding some bangs for a chic look.

Braids and bangs: this is a very simple step to make a big impression. Braids have always been timeless but when you add bangs to them it can get a little scary as bangs always feel like a Horror Story about to happen because you can’t go backwards once you cut them. This is where clip end banks come in handy.

Date Night Hair

But don’t stop there whether you’re using hair extensions or your own hair to braid you can create a wonderful Halo or even better you can use a hair extension braid her band pushed all the way back sitting at the top of your head giving it an elegant and even wedding day vibe. is vitally important that we are sure that we are matching hair texture and color when dealing with hair extensions whether they are bangs, braids, or just clip ins themselves.

The updo hairstyle: this is an old school classic date night look, I’m sure we can find endless tapes of Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy wearing this updo. Add a wraparound ponytail to a hair extension bun and you can create an updo that will outdo even Lucy. You can wear this high, or you can wear it low and it’s a great way to go from casual look to an upscale soiree. After all who doesn’t love the perfect bun, I know I do.