Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Work?

Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Work? , Hair Extensions Loan

Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Work? Are they Safe for Your Hair?


Tape ins are known to be used by women looking to add volume and length to their natural hair. Their popularity is mainly attributed to their versatility, ease of installation and ability to blend in with almost all hair textures. So, if you are thinking of getting tape-in hair extensions, read on.


Basics of Tape-in Extensions

Tape-ins made from high quality human hair are a semi-permanent addition to your natural tresses. With tape-ins, you are free to care for your hair just as you would if they were not present. You can wash, tong, style or even dye your hair, assuming you have bought legit Remy hair.


If however, you have synthetic extensions, avoid blow drying and using hot tools on them. All in all, ensure you do not put anything that could loosen the glue, causing the hairpieces to fall out.


Tape-ins Installation Process

Installation of tape-in hair extensions is a pain free process that should take less than two hours depending on your stylist. Your hair is basically sectioned into thin layers and the tape-in glued underneath and on top. Your hair is made to sit between the two extension pieces.If applied well, the extensions should last you 6-8 weeks before needing you to take them down.


Aftercare and Wash

Initially, you should avoid washing your hair 48 hours after installation. Keep your fingers out of your hair! Allow the glue to properly seal up the strands to avoid slipping and making them lose. For best results, leave them alone for two to three days.


Stylists recommend gently brushing your hair twice a day. Get yourself a detangling brush to avoid damaging your hair or causing it to tangle up.


Removal of Tape-in Extensions


As your hair grows, the tapes tend to become loose. You will need to have them reapplied closer to the roots.


But how does one remove them? There is a solution used to loosen the adhesive once applied on the tape. The solution is allowed to sit for a few minutes before you can effortlessly pull them out. Afterwards, the glue residues are effortlessly brushed off.


At this point, your hair might feel thinner especially if your hair had to be thinned out before application. But don’t be alarmed, it’s not like you’ve lost lots of hair, it just feels like that. Sometimes, if your strands are quite thick, this process is used to make your hair naturally blend with the tape-in extensions.




Overally, tape-ins are an awesome fit for anyone that’s after length and volume. They instantly take your confidence to another level. After all, who doesn’t want to experience that soft, luscious and voluminous hair without breaking a sweat?



Tape-ins are not the cheapest option as you will need to have them installed by a professional. We don’t recommend you installing them yourself, but after the first installment, the subsequent installments are not that expensive. Most ladies find tape-ins to be relatively easy to maintain and extremely comfortable, which a huge plus






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