Does Sew-in Damage Your Natural Hair?

Does Sew-in Damage Your Natural Hair

Does Sew-in Damage Your Natural Hair?

One of the most significant arguments in the hair and beauty space is which one is better: sew-ins or wigs? Well each method has its pros and cons. However, this is quite clear: if you are a woman that does not have the time to do (or does not enjoy doing) her hair every morning before stepping out, then sew-ins would be your perfect choice.

Sew-ins protect your hair from negative styling effects. A professional stylist should be able to sew-in your weave extension while allowing your natural hair to grow. However, a popular myth surrounding sew-ins is that they damage natural hair.

Does Sew-ins Actually Damage Your Natural Hair?

While many people have come to believe that sew-ins damage natural hair, they actually don’t. In fact, sew-ins allow your hair to grow by protecting it from harsh styling tools and environmental factors. What’s more, having sew-ins on means you don’t have to constantly wash your hair.

So How Do Sew-ins Protect Your Hair and Promote its Growth?

One of the reason as to why sew-ins allow your natural hair to grow is because it is safely braided away in cornrows. The braids underneath are allowed to breathe as there’s some space between the hair which allows for air circulation which enhances hair growth. This is why people that wear wigs tend to have their hair growing at a faster rate.

Another reason as to why sew-ins promote hair growth is that one does not have easy access to their hair hence it will grow without the interference of styling tools or harsh chemicals.  The ends of hair strands are usually the driest, and these can be tucked away under the weave. This helps in moisture retention throughout the entire period.

How to Take Care of Your Hair Under a Sew-in Installation

  1. Don’t have it on for more than 3 months as it will get excessively tangled and matted.
  2. Regularly perform your hair care routine. Do you shampoo your hair on a weekly or bi-weekly basis? Do you ‘co-wash”? Incorporate a moisture retention regimen and watch your hair thank you by a massive growth.
  3. Alternate your braiding pattern to avoid damaging your hairline. You could choose to alternate between clockwise and counter-clockwise. If you can’t do this on your entire head, at least do it on the perimeter braid that’s closest to your hairline. There’s also the option of doing zigzag braids or the beehive braid pattern.


Over to You

By now, I believe you are already convinced that sew-ins do not actually ruin your natural hair. It is just a myth that has been going around for so long that it almost sounded true. However, if you are not convinced yet, you might want to give it a try and see for yourself how incredibly long your hair will grow. As long as you are practicing a proper hair care regimen, sew-ins won’t ruin your hair!

On the other hand, if you don’t take care of your hair, expect uncontrollable dandruff and even mold. If the sew-ins are not done correctly, you can expect loads of shedding and breakage.



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