Five Common Hair Problems



Showing off a variety of hairstyles as well as healthy hairs can boost the beauty and looks of a woman. This has made hair loss as well as hair fall very serious problems that is been faced by women. Whenever something goes wrong with the hair of a woman, she tends to go through a lot of distress. Many people go through common hair problems, and this has led to the discovery of these solutions.

Here is a list of some common hair problems:


Anytime the outer part of the hair begins to split in two or three, the hair is said to have split ends. This is usually as a result of over-brushing of hair, constant use of hair straighter, sometimes, the use of bad conditioner can also cause this. One of the most effective ways to get rid of split ends in hairs is to undergo professional trimming at least every three weeks. You can also make use of split end serums in order to fix the broken strands so as to make your hairs healthy and hydrated.


Among all hair problems faced by women, the issue of dandruff is the most common. It is the manifestation of little scaly particles that can be found at the hairs root. At most times, accumulation of dandruff can be caused by poor diet, stomach infection, or even stress and work pressure. Properly washing of hair regularly and avoidance of all this can effectively reduce dandruff on your hair.


One of the main causes of frizzy hair is drop in the moisture of the hair i.e. a drop below normal moisture level of the hair. Sometimes, constant brushing of the hair can lead to these frizzy hair. At times, frizzy hair can be passed through genes i.e. parents passing it on to children. In order to tackle the problem of frizzy hair, it is important to identify the causes and deal with it, or better still seek the help of an expert.



It is usually nice to dye your hair, but there is also risk associated with using these products. It has been discovered that chemicals in hair dye have some harmful effects on the hair. Using hair dye can also be traced to allergic reaction not just to the hair but also to your health generally because it causes respiratory disorder and other breathing related diseases and at rare times cancer. Due to the loss of color in women hair, the application of dye has been in place, neglecting the harmful effect.


Hair fall is a well-known and common problem faced by women today. Medication, change in hormones due to age and at times stress can be the reason for hair loss. One other cause of this hair loss is the use of hair styling products that leads to damaging and killing of hair cells. One of the most effective methods to tackle this problem is to reduce the use of heat products, as well as opting for products that contain Tea Tree oil.

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