Hair Extensions Change the Game of Freedom of Expression

Hair Extensions Change the Game of Freedom of Expression

Hair Extensions Change the Game of Freedom of Expression

Hair extensions have never been more popular than they are today. And even still the has never been such a huge amount of incorrect information about them. I am truly a strong believer that hair extensions are very important, but it is obviously important for you to get the correct information on them after all they are just as popular now days as other salon services.
So why hasn’t there been any cohesive information about hair extensions, their benefits, and other useful information? Well, there many reasons. First of all, there is a lot of money to be made in this highly coveted segment of the beauty industry and many people are reluctant to share their secrets. But all that is about to change.
The stigma that once surrounded hаіr extensions, hair wеаvеѕ аnd even wigs is practically long gone thanks to celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Beyonce Knowles, Wendy Williams and Tyra Banks. Once upon a time people believed  the only people who wore hair extensions were people who are bald, had some sort of disease, disorder and other reasons considered undesirable.

Hair Extensions Freedom of Expression

Today extensions and how people look at them are totally different. From the trendy pieces added for pops of color to the exaggerated wigs worn by drag queens, hair enhancements are the accessory that’s here to stay and for good reason. However this accessory is not to be taken lightly for it can change your entire look, your image and even the way the outside world perceives you. This shouldn’t come as a surprise but if it does let me give you a bit of history.
Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt people’s wigs were a symbol of their status, who they were, and their place in society. The wealthy and most influential people of the time wore the most impressive wigs made of real hair and others not so fortunate made their wigs out of other materials. It was kind of like it was years ago when сеlеbrіtіеѕ аnd fashionista wore wigs and hair extensions made оf the best hаіr available while everyone else scramble for the rejects.
What you may not know is, now due to new developments and a huge shift in the market,  all of us can feel as fabulous as our favorite celeb. There are many companies that offer quality hair for a faction of the price.
Do you remember as a little girl growing up, we would often  play dress up in our mother’s mirror with her makeup, jewelry, shoes and fancy clothes? All these things are vital to a young girl and her development as a woman. It helps to build her self-esteem and confidence in herself. But sometimes when you get older you stop playing dress-up, you look in the everyday mirror but you no longer tell yourself how pretty you are or how much of a princess you are. You stop trying new looks, new styles and can often find yourself in a rut. You should always find time to play dress up. Now with affordable hair extensions you can try new looks to explore. As I always say, “When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you do your best.”

Freedom of Expression

My point gets proven all the time on reality television make-over shows. The show often starts off with a shy woman, that may have low self-esteem due to life. It look’s like she stepped out of time capsule from 20 years ago. Her attitude displays that she is unhappy yet she swears that everything’s great. She often gets offended and has no idea why someone would think she was in need of a make-over. But in the end, when her new look is revealed, often with a new hair style and a new wardrobe, the person that you saw in the beginning of the show looks like a totally different person. Not just on the outside but she looks like a new person all together. She’s glowing from on the inside, standing taller and her eyes have life to them again. This is the feeling you should have as often as possible.
Everyone, especially every woman, deserves to feel good about themselves. I recommend that everyone at least try a hair extension service one time in their lives. Even if it’s just for a short period of time. Changing your look can allow you to escape from your usual routine and to try something new, something fresh and to take a different approach to life. Maybe take on a different but much-needed persona more tailored to your work or your passion. Create whatever image you want for your career, a night out on the town or even  just to play dress up again.
I’ve helped hundreds of women discover the fun and excitement of hair extensions, realize the benefits of high self-esteem and get on the path to a wholly successful life. I recommend that you try a hair extension service at least once, if you haven’t already or try them again if you weren’t happy with your stylist.
However, I will give you these 2 warnings:
1) They are highly addictive and
2) If not done correctly they can cause damage.
Be sure to do your research and use all the information available to make an informed decision on what service is best for you.
If you could tailor your look or your image to reflect exactly how you feel on the inside why not do it? Have fun and express yourself. Yours in health, wealth and beauty.

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