Hair Extensions Do’s and Don’ts

Hair Extensions Do's and Don'ts

it’s been a while since we highlighted the pros and cons of hair extensions, and it’s been even longer since we talked do’s and don’ts. So just for our new readers we wanted to go over the do’s and don’ts along with a few new ones you may not have heard of because of all of the latest products that have been coming out over the last couple of years.


Make sure you do research on the type of hair extensions that you’re planning on installing in your head as well as research on the type of hair you choose, rather synthetic or human hair. Make sure you know the lengths as well as the curl of your desire. Most important make sure you know your budget.

Be sure that you do use excellent products that are designed for the type of hair you have installed currently. Avoid synthetic products filled with alcohol and fillers. These products will damage the hair overtime and strip it out its moisture, creating brittle follicles which is just a fancy word for damaged hair.

When using clip-in extensions make sure you do clip them in right side up whenever pulling your hair into a ponytail or updo that’s very high.

Do keep whatever box or satin bag your hair extensions arrived in. This will help to keep your extensions dust free and when in a satin bag it helps to keep your hair extensions from losing moisture. Make sure they’re in a location where it will be handled very seldom if at all. These boxes and satin bags are storage containers for hair extensions, and you should see them that way.


Don’t ever, ever, enter a swimming pool or ocean while wearing hair extensions. You’re just asking for trouble.

Don’t use extremely high heat on hair extensions, making sure that your heat stays below 360 degrees is critical however if you’re extensions are synthetic then it’s important that you stay below 350 degrees. Please remember that not all synthetic hair extensions are heat friendly and some of them will burn extremely easy and melt into plastic.

Don’t wash hair extensions often. Some people wash their hair every day or every other day however when it comes to hair extensions washing them this often will damage them overtime and strip them of moisture. Remember these hair follicles are not connected to an actual scalp anymore so they’re not receiving nutrients that they normally would from the scalp directly. Make sure you wash your hair extensions every two weeks. Any more than this is excessive.

Hair Extensions Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t be so hard on your hair extensions. The number one complaint I hear from my friends are that their hair is breaking off. When watching them prepare their hair you can see that they are clearly way too harsh while brushing and combing. Think of it like brushing or combing a cat or a dog. It should be done gently with care and that means you’re going to need more time. if you’re in a rush when brushing your hair extensions then you should not brush them at all because it will result in damage.

Follow these do’s and don’ts thank us later and remember that with hair or without her, every woman is beautiful.