Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair


For women with short hair, there are several methods to add volume and length for a beautiful transformation.


Clip ins tend to be a bit bulky, hence not recommended for women with shorter hair as they can be hard to blend. Tape in hair extensions are a great choice for short hair. The tape is invisibly thin, non-damaging and allows your actual hair to grow even with these extensions installed.


If you have short hair, you can use extensions to add a pop of color, length, and even volume.



Tape-in Extensions for Short Hair

Not only is this method non damaging but also allows you to style your hair however you please. If you have been missing the ponytail style or you’ve just had a bad haircut, tape-ins will save you the stress. This is a semi-permanent style that can last for months if your hair is well taken care of. Tape-in extensions will instantly give you a new glamorous look that can easily be mistaken for your actual hair.


Achieving Long Hair With Tape-ins

You may need to have an experienced stylist do the application. This ensures that the application process is followed correctly so that your extensions wont slip. The installation process takes about an hour and you need at least two packs. For your hair to qualify for installation of tape-in hair extensions, it needs to be at least three to four inches so that the tapes can be fully covered and a seamless look achieved.


Blending Your Hair Extensions

This is the most important part of the installation process. It is recommended that the tresses lengths are mixed up so that you can easily blend in. If you want to achieve an even more natural look, you can have your stylist thin out the top layer of your hair. Be sure to have a face frame done by trimming off sections around your face. The curling and styling should be done by holding your actual hair and the hair extension together. This guarantees a natural blend that can easily be mistaken for your hair.


Maintaining You New Look

The following products will be needed: a shine spray, extension brush, dry shampoo, conditioner, a sulfate free shampoo and a deep conditioning mask. If your are looking to maintain your style a longer period of time, the following instructions will be beneficial to you:


Your extensions are not attached to your scalp. This means that they don’t have a natural source of oil and nutrients. You may need to regularly apply a shine spray after styling, especially if heat has been used. Dry shampoo will come in handy whenever you need to clean your extensions but don’t want to have them in contact with water. An extension brush comes in handy whenever you need to detangle your locks without pulling on it. The sulfate free shampoo and conditioner are recommended as you will want to retain the natural shine of your hair extensions.


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