Hair Extensions that Don’t Damage Hair

Hair Extensions that Don’t Damage Hair

We all know that you can find hair extensions of different lengths and types and there are a variety of hair extensions that are available on the market. Oftentimes I am axe which hair extensions do not damage hair. And that is a tricky question to be honest.

Truthfully, it’s not so much the hair extensions that damage the hair but the application and we lack of maintenance however best the long answer. The short answer would be clip-in extensions. because clip in extensions can be easily installed and uninstalled, if you do it right and do it often there should be zero damage to your hair.

Hair Extensions that Don’t Damage Hair

There are other options that have very little to no damage when it comes to hair extensions starting with:

ponytail extensions: these have going to lot of attention lately and they are very easy install by just using the base of the ponytail and attaching it which adds length to your style.

Micro link extensions: This is created by sectioning out your hair and attaching the extension to that section using a link. These blend easily and do not cause damage.

Tape extensions: some are similar to clip in extensions and using a very sticky sided adhesive, your natural hair is grip between the two sticky sides of tape and extensions to create a longer and thicker look.

There is a snapshot out here extensions that do not damage hair, TuneIn next time for Part 2 add the pros and cons of each one of these hair extension types, Please don’t miss our current sales of clip in extensions, tape in extensions as well as bundles and wefts. As well as frontals, closures and wigs, both full lace and lace front. Our bundles deals can not beat bat for the quality we offer.