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Dynasty Goddess Hair Types

Brazilian Hair Extensions –

Has a Hair Types & Textures that Generally derives from the pacific of Brazil. It is one of the most stunning types of hair around, hence why for the last several years it has been one of the most desirable hair types on the market. Brazilian Hair is known for its full body, beautiful bounce, gorgeous textures and undeniable versatility. The hair is typically soft, relatively thick and very durable. This hair has a nice and healthy shine with a low to medium luster. Furthermore, because the hair is naturally dense, the hair is less prone to becoming frizzy.

Brazilian Hair Extensions are available in an assortment of many different lengths and natural colors. With textures ranging from wavy, straight and curly. Brazilian hair is good for almost any hairstyle. This hair naturally holds curls beautifully and processes dyes and colors extremely well.

Brazilian hair seems to blend very well with most ethnicities. This hair normally doesn’t require a lot of special care and hair maintenance. It will also last for many years to come, as long as you treat it right and take good care of it.

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Peruvian Hair Extensions –

Peruvian Hair Types & Textures has steadily been growing in popularity since 2010. This hair tends to be a little more on the thicker and coarser side on the hair texture scope. Perhaps that’s the main reason it blends perfectly with African-Americans and many other hair textures. Peruvian Hair Extensions are available in an assortment of many different lengths and natural colors. With textures ranging from wavy, straight and curly. The luster is normally on the low to medium end.

Many call Peruvian hair the “multipurpose hair”, because it is extremely durable and very versatile. It is also tremendously manageable, soft, smooth and silky. It is lightweight, but it is also naturally voluminous. Perfect for those who feel, like “the more bundles the better!”

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Malaysian Hair Extensions –

Malaysian Hair Extensions have also grown in popularity over the years. Malaysian hair is soft and silky in texture. It is voluminous and thick, with so much body and bounce. Due to its fullness and density, it can become dry if it does not receive the proper hair care and maintenance.

Malaysian hair can be a little shiny, however the shine is not excessive and after a few washes the shine lessens considerably and become much more natural looking. This hair is naturally dark in color and generally does not swell or frizz in humid environments.

The hair is very strong and like Brazilian hair it can also handle hair dyes and coloring rather well. Similarly, this hair holds curls immensely well and blends beautifully with most hair types and textures.

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Burmese Hair Extensions –

​The texture of Burmese hair is similar to a mixture between Indian and Chinese hair. It has a naturally coarse texture, with a low to medium luster; in thus making it ideal to blend perfectly with your natural hair. Because Burmese hair is very soft and thick, it is a great option for African American hair textures or hair textures that are comparable. Burmese hair is obtainable in a variety of natural curl and wave patterns.

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Indian Hair Extensions –

Indian hair is generally naturally dark in color. The texture and thickness ranges between fine to medium. This hair is very versatile and has curl patterns from soft gentle waves to voluminous deep curly. Perfect for both Caucasian and ethnic hair types and textures.

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Mink Hair Extensions –

Virgin Mink hair is healthy virgin hair, which has absolutely not been processed at all. This Brazilian hair has a lot of natural body to it. It is considered cuticle hair, provided by the donor in its natural and original state, therefore, the direction of the hair is completely respected, and the hair does not tangle, and last longer.

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Dynasty Goddess Hair Types & Textures

Straight Hair Extensions –

Straight Hair is the simplest of the hair texture. It is classified as having no real curl or defined wave pattern. It is normally slick, smooth and silky. This hair is very easy to style, maintain, and take care of. It can be flat-ironed bone straight, however, it still holds curls as very well. Great choice if you crave versatility in your hair styles and like to modify your look fairly often.

Body Wave Extensions –

Body Wave Hair is a loose curl that resulted in a wave pattern rather than a tight roll. The hair forms a “S” shape pattern that is very soft and natural looking. Body Wave hair is right in the middle of Straight hair and curly hair. It’s the perfect combination.

This is the most popular texture because of its flexibility. Since, it has lots of volume and body it can be worn in its natural wave pattern or styled with flat irons, curlers or rollers.

Loose Curl Extensions –

Loose Wave hair has well-defined wavy curls. This hair texture consists of curls that are tightly drawn, which forms a loose spiral. The curls are springy and bouncy.

This hair is very adaptable and can be worn curly or straight. It flows gorgeously and can be used for many different hairstyles.

Loose Deep Wave Extensions –

Loose Deep Wave hair texture has more of a defined wave pattern. The waves are much deeper than body wave, which produce tighter curls and waves. Loose Deep Wave is a great texture that gives you a full, voluminous and luxurious hair appearance.

Deep Curl Extensions –

Deep curls are a bit tighter than a Loose Deep Wave. This hair texture has a tight natural curl/ coil. This texture is ideal if you are looking for hair extension that give you a “naturally curly girl” look.

The Deep Curl texture has an abundance amount of curls and body. It optimizes the expression “Big Hair Don’t Care”.