How Can You Tell the Quality of Your Wig?

How Can You Tell the Quality of Your Wig

How Can You Tell the Quality of Your Wig?

Beautiful hair not only makes you look good but also makes you look younger and boosts your confidence. Human hair wigs are an excellent solution for adding volume and length to your hair. But, choosing the best type of hair can be overwhelming, especially if quality is involved.

How can you determine the quality of your hair?

The following ways can be used to determine whether the hair you bought (or are about to buy) is good.

  1. Price point

This is the very first indicator. The difference between high quality and low-quality hair can be indicated by their price points. Much as you may not want to spend an arm and a leg on hair, quality hair comes at a price. Beware of stores that sell low quality hair at ridiculous prices just to make it appear legit.

  1. Natural-looking quality

High-quality hair should mimic the look and feel of your natural hair. Furthermore, you should be able to handle it with ease and manipulate it as you wish. Professionally customized hair should your needs and demands. If anything, you shouldn’t feel the burden of wearing a wig all day long.

  1. Every day use

Does your wig allow you to wear it daily? If it doesn’t, then it probably isn’t high quality. You should be able to style it into different looks and use your preferred hair products on it. Even sweat should not make it look artificial.

  1. Easy styling wig

High-quality human hair wigs are quite versatile when it comes to styling. Apart from washing and heat styling, you should be able to dye and bleach it. Usually, low-quality artificial hair gives one a hard time taking in color.


These four tips should help you settle on high-quality hair and even help you determine whether the hair you own is of good quality or not. To make your hair last long, give it the attention and love that you would give you actual hair!

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