How Drinking Detoxing Tea Can Affect the Hair and Scalp

How Drinking Detoxing Tea Can Affect the Hair and Scalp

How Drinking Detoxing Tea Can Affect the Hair and Scalp

Can one really sip their way to healthy hair? Curious as to what role detox tea plays on the growth or your hair and the wellbeing of your scalp? If you are struggling with short hair or strands that just won’t grow, you may want to give detox tea a try. I know this may seem farfetched, especially if you are not a big fan of tea, but hear me out.

Benefits of Drinking Detox Tea for Hair Growth

Detox tea has a healing effect on your body, which ultimately spills to healthy skin, well-functioning follicles and hair growth. Unlike sodas, tea heals the body and helps you achieve beautiful skin. Some of the benefits of drinking detox tea include:

  1. Blood purification. Toxins are known to impair body functions and this could lead to stunted hair growth. Detox tea helps the skin, liver and kidneys to get rid of toxins, leaving your cells performing at their optimum state.
  2. Stimulated circulation. Some of the herbs found in detox tea are been scientifically proven to stimulate blood flow. As a result, your follicle cells are activated and able to work towards growing your hair.
  3. Strengthened hair. Detox tea not only stimulates hair growth, but also strengthens the strands because of its richness in minerals and vitamins. Drinking detox tea reduces breakage and strengthens your hair from the roots.

How Does One Prepare Detox Tea at Home?

You can choose to have your tea cold during summer or hot during winter. To prepare a warm cup of detox tea, boil water and transfer it into a cup.  Allow it to cool for a minute before steeping your tea. Allow your tea to steep according to the package directions, usually between four to ten minutes. For cold tea, add a few blocks of ice cubes and enjoy!

Do you drink detox tea to promote hair growth? Have they helped in any way?

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