How Long Can You Keep Your Wig on?

For How Long Can You Keep Your Wig on

How Long Can You Keep Your Wig on?

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation as to how long a woman can keep her wig on. The best part about hair pieces is that the more you take care of them the longer they last. Today we are answering the question about how long one can keep their wigs on.

The longer answer to this question is: it varies based on the type of wig, the skill of your stylist, how fast (or slow) your hair grows, and how closely you stick to your hair care routine.

The longer answer is: it depends on the strength of the adhesive you use. Some last for as long as 6 months! It is important to choose the right glue, or else your hair will be damaged.

Ordinarily, one can leave their wigs on for up to six weeks if a long term adhesive is used. I do not recommend keeping your hair piece on for too long as your hair needs attention. Washing and moisturizing your strands cannot be taken lightly. Even though the hair piece will enhance your beauty, they cannot replace your actual hair.

How to Make You Wig Last Longer

  1. Wear your wig less often

Wearing your wig every day can reduce its lifespan. If need to have a it on daily, consider owning at least two of them so that you can switch between them and allow “off” days in between.

  1. Take good care of your hair

Regularly comb and detangle your hair, clean them with the right shampoo, and follow the guidelines shared by the supplier if you want your wig to last long.

  1. Stay away from heat

When heat styling tools are constantly used on your hair, its state deteriorates. If you really must, apply a heat protectant before using these tools.

  1. Proper storage

When your wig is not on your head, it should be stored in a box or on the stand away from excess heat and dampness.

Takin good care of your wigs can equated to protecting your investment, allowing your hair to serve you for a long time to come.

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