For How Long Can You Wear a Sew-in Wig?

For How Long Can You Wear a Sew-in Wig?

For How Long Can You Wear a Sew-in Wig?

Wigs have totally transformed the hair and beauty industry. They have dominated the hairstyles that many women wear lately, especially black women. Not only do wigs enhance a woman’s look but also protect her hair. In addition, wigs allow women to experiment with hairstyles they ordinarily wouldn’t on their natural hair.

Wigs can be installed in so many different ways. One can either use glue, tapes, pins, adhesive, combs or simply sew them on. Each of these methods have their pros and cons. Generally, the method that one chooses will depend on the style they’re going for, their skin issues, the available time, and their preferences.

One of the methods that’s highly opted for is the sew-in method. The best thing about this method is that it allows you to wear your wig for a week or more. If you already don’t know, sewing on a wig is one of the most secure methods to go with. It is also one of the safest ways to combat the downside of applying glue. What’s more, unlike glues, sew-ins can also be used by people with sweaty and oily skin.

What is a Wig Sew in?

The sew-in method of wig installation involves braiding your hair into cornrows and sewing the wig bundles onto the cornrows. This method is highly preferred by women with sensitive skin that cannot stand glues. Highly sensitive skin tends to react to the chemical used in glues or tapes, hence this method comes in handy. If you scalp tends to sweat so much that the glue gets washed, you may want to try the sew-in method.

Why Choose the Sew-in Method?

  1. Sew- ins are cheaper compared to other wig installation methods as it’s a long term choice.
  2. You are allowed to experiment with different styles.
  3. Sew-ins allow you natural hair to rest hence protecting it from over manipulation, allowing it to grow stronger and healthier.
  4. It is a method that’s less damaging to your hairline, especially if you haven’t mastered the art of glue application.
  5. Sew-ins get you a natural look that could easily pass for your actual hair.

For most women that are considering wig sew-ins, their main worry is usually how long the install will last. Actually, it is not easy to tell because the length varies with a number of factors. The two top ones the quality of your wig (which is determined by where you bought the wig) and how well you take care of it.

How Long Does a Sew-in Actually Last?

Generally, experts recommend wearing a sew-in for anywhere between one to two weeks. Regardless of whether your wig is made from human hair or is synthetic, you need to regularly wash your wig in order to maintain it. Every 10 days is ideal, or any time you sweat excessively.

You can also choose to wear it until it gets uncomfortable. For example if it starts getting itchy, starting to fall off or gets loose, then it’s time to take it off.

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