Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

Have you been endlessly searching for premium clip-in hair and how to buy quality clip-in extensions? Perhaps you can’t tell the difference between high-quality extensions and regular ones. These numerous ways to judge for quality will help you save your time and money. So, what should you look out for?

  1. Weft strength

A thorough check through the hair wefts will let you know if an extra effort was put into manufacturing them. How comfortable are they? They should not start shedding immediately they are installed.

  1. Enough thickness

Finely-crafted hair extensions should have a uniform thickness throughout. To be sure about this, hold a single weft against light so that you can check if there are any gaps. You should be able to tell if the thickness at the bottom is equal to the thickness at the top. Otherwise, the extension does not meet high-quality standards and you are better off looking for something different.

  1. Shedding

High-quality extensions should not shed a lot, even after lots of styling. Gently glide your fingers through the hair and take note of the amount of shedding. For an extension that you are about to pay a good amount of money for, you can only allow a few strands of shedding.

  1. Length of wefts

The typical lengths in which extensions are sold include:

  • 16″ which fall right above the chest in the front and are bra-strap length on the back.
  • 20″ that fall below the bra-strap length at the back and just below your chest at the front.
  • 24″ that fall on your waistline.

Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

High-quality hair extensions should have a uniform length, unless customized on purpose.

Your natural height also plays a role when selecting the length of your extensions. For example, a given extension would look longer on a shorter person as compared to how it will on a taller person.

Also, if you want longer extensions, you may have to get accustomed to heavier hair. Such extensions are not ideal for thin hair as the additional weight could cause breakage. Experiment with shorter extensions as you move to longer options after some time.

  1. Quality of wefts

Check whether each and every strand is correctly sewn in its respective weft and that none of them is protruding.

  1. Weight

Typically, hair extensions are measured in grams. It is important to understand what the measurements mean, as this will act as your guide on the amount of volume to expect with each added bundle. This also helps in deciding if you are only adding volume or length.

  1. Extension type

Your purpose for installing hair extensions determine the type of extension to go for. Synthetic hair does the job at a fairly lower price, but real human hair allows you to style your hair vigorously. Remember, synthetic hair cannot be heat styles as the silicon coating will melt away, leaving the hair deformed.

Remy hair extensions have all the cuticles in the same direction and are naturally sourced. Their expensive price tag is worth every coins as you will reap all the benefits that come with it for a long period of time.

Clip-in extensions are quickly gaining popularity, and it is for a good reason. Unlike traditional hair accessories, clip-in hair extensions can transform you from an ordinary Jane to a hair model candidate in an instant! The tips shared should help you look glamorous in high-quality extensions in very little time.

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