How to Care for Your Weave – Keep it Fresh!

How to Care for Your Weave - Keep it Fresh!

How to Care for Your Weave – Keep it Fresh!

Neglecting your weave could result in it looking (and smelling) really bad. What’s worse, the hair you’ve been trying so hard to protect could end up being damaged and your scalp’s health affected. The following tips will help you keep your weave at its optimum, maintaining its freshness from the day it is installed! Also, be sure to check out our article on how you can relieve an itchy scalp while in a weave.

  1. Shampoo: You’d be surprised to find out that weaves crave for more attention and care as compared to your natural hair. After all, these are artificial hairs, which are not receiving any nutrients from the scalp. Clean your weave every two weeks. Lukewarm water and mild shampoos are advised. Do not wash your hair in an upside down position, as this could further tangle your extension. For a physically active weave wearer, consider washing it every week, because lots of sweating could result in product build up on your scalp and a bad smell.
  2. Leave-in conditioner: This is to be applied every time you shampoo your weave. This will reduce tangling, and leave your hair with a healthy glow. Oil application is not encouraged, as it encouraged matting, leaving your weave looking dull. If you really must, apply a light oil, such as T-tree oil.

3.Anti-bacterial spray: Once your weave is washed, it may take long to dry. This leaves your hair susceptible to bacteria and molds. Anti-bacterial sprays will step in for you, killing any bacteria and leaving your weave looking fresh. The amount of sweating you experience on a daily basis gives you more reason to invest in an antibacterial spray.

How to Care for Your Weave – Keep it Fresh!

  1. Satin dreams: Satin and silk pillowcases and hair scarves are a must-have. This applies to natural hair as well. These types of fabric are less absorbent and cause less friction. Your hair is safeguarded from moisture deprival and matting. Do not go to bed in wet hair, as you may be tempted to cover up the damp smell with oil. Imagine what these oils mix up and you further try to hide the smell with a hairspray.
  2. Braiding or twisting at night: Leaving your hair loose during the night allows your weave to tangle up. The detangling sessions that follow don’t help as your hair will frizz and become dull. Braid up or twist your hair before going to bed to enjoy an added bonus of bouncy waves the next day!
  3. Proper drying: Allowing your weave to air dry is probably the best decision you will ever make. If in a hurry, use a blow drier to fasten the drying process then let your hair down for it to naturally dry. A wide-toothed comb will be ideal thereafter to comb it out.

The tips shared are not time-consuming. It is amazing how they can make such a big difference in maintaining a good smell, a glossy look, detangled and bacteria free state of your weave!

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