How to Detangle a Headband Wig

How to Detangle a Headband Wig?

How to Detangle a Headband Wig

The day has finally come to an end. You’ve just taken off your wig and put it on the rack store for the
evening, only to see a hue tangled, matted mess. You have no option but to grab your comb and start

Just like our actual hair, wigs experience tangles. In fact, wigs tend to get tangled up easily compared to
natural hair due to the shortage of natural oils from the scalp. These oils act as a natural conditioner on
our natural hair, protecting it against any tangles and knots.

Caring for your wig helps in preserving it for a long time to come. Not only do tangles harm your wig, but
also shorten its lifespan. Since we are keen on helping you protect your investment, we provide you with
information that can help you do exactly that. Proper care and protection of wigs can make them last for

Caring for Your Wig

Avoid over washing your wig. If you wear your wig quite often, it is recommended that you shampoo
and condition it for at least once a week.
You need a wig stand. This is an incredible styling accessory that any wig wearer needs. Styling your wig
while it’s on a wig stand makes a huge difference. Not only does it help in reducing the tangles, but also
allows you to work on your wig at a comfortable height. After washing or after a day’s wear, you need to
comb through your wig. Be gentle than you ordinarily would be with your natural hair. Wigs are more
fragile than your actual hair. Start with the ends and work your way upwards.
Detangling reduces breakage, prevents more tangling and helps in keeping your wig healthy and easy to
manage. Both synthetic and human hair wigs need to be detangled regularly, starting from the ends.

Pro Tips:

If your wig is synthetic, use a steamer to manage the hair as it’s mostly made of plastic.
Avoid using too much product as this could result in your hair looking unnatural and stiff.

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