How to Install Perfectly Blended Hair Extensions on Short Hair

How to Install Perfectly Blended Hair Extensions

How to Install Perfectly Blended Hair Extensions on Short Hair


Short hair will always be popular. However, there are times when you just want to rock some long, luscious hair. During these times, you are bound to reach out for your hair extensions. But wait, how do you ensure that it’s not obvious you have installed hair extensions? Read on to find out more.


How Do you Blend Hair Color on Your Short Hair?

If you have colored hair with more than one tone, it may be a bit harder to blend your hair extension. It will be best for you to mix up two or more sets of different colors for a fully blended look.


And now, the Installation…


  1. Pull your hair back, leaving a tiny section of your hair at the bottom
  2. Gently back comb this section as you will be pinning up all of it. This trick comes in handy if your hair is pretty short
  3. After pinning up this bit, start layering your extension. If using more than one color, be sure to have the darker shade at the bottom.
  4. Add the lighter shade on top of the darker shade. This layering process results in a uniformly blended look that could pass for your natural hair.
  5. Now that you have the two layers in, section another portion of your hair.
  6. Place the next layer in. This should be somewhere right above your ears. Feel free to add the darker shade of your extensions.
  7. Section out the next layer of your hair and place your extensions in. At this point, you should be somewhere around the middle of your forehead.
  8. The last step involves locking down the other clips that are already installed. Cohesively cover them by installing three to four clips strategically.
  9. Lightly tease your hair on top of the extensions at the front of your head to create a natural look. This should prevent the extensions from popping out as there will be a thick layer of your hair covering them.


For a stunning look, you may need to curl your hair so that everything blends in beautifully. If you are looking to save time, pre-curl the clips by curling them on a hanger so that you can have them ready for installation when that time comes.Picking a section of your hair and curling it together with a small section of the extensions at the front allows for a smoother transition. That’s it, you are done!


Final Touches

Clip-ins are such a versatile option for switching up a basic look. Be sure to go for clipins that come in smaller pieces so that you are able to create a much more natural look. If you are wondering whether you can swim and work out in your clip ins, yes you can! But then you shouldn’t form a habit of going to bed with them as the tossing and turning could result in exerting tension on your natural hair. Gently take them off, brush them up and moisturize them ready for the next installation. If well taken care of, high quality clip-in human hair extensions should last you quite a long time.



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