How to Keep and Store Hair Extensions

How to Store Keep and Store Hair Extensions

Now you purchased your hair extensions and worn them the great success but now you want to change your look. What do you do with the hair extensions that you uninstalled? Do you throw them away? Do you keep them? But how? Well first I should tell you that quality hair extensions can be kept for months and if they’re cared for properly, they can be kept for years and used repeatedly. However, the cared for properly part, includes storing them properly so that they are ready when it’s time to wear them again. has you’re back on this. We know the best ways and modalities for you to store your hair extensions whether they be Weft, clip ins, or tape ins.

The Only Way to Store Hair Extensions

The first step is making sure that the hair extensions that you want to store are in premium condition. This is important because when you do remove them from storage, they will be ready to be installed instantly. If you are using dynasty goddess extensions, then you’re using human hair. And in this case, you want to make sure that the ends of all the extensions get lots of moisturize so that you will not have split ends when it’s time to wear them. Take a look at our hair care page for directions on how to treat and prepare hair properly using suggested products and serums to keep all hair moisturized.

Once this is all done and your extensions are fully moisturized and ready to store, you need to choose the location for storage. My best suggestion is to choose a location where they will not be moved around, that is quite dark and does not get much sunlight, and that is dry. Avoid any location that is moist or the moisture in the air fluctuates. In other words, a bathroom which gets a lot of moisture from showers is a bad location.

Store Hair Extensions Properly

Some people suggest using cardboard boxes or even shoeboxes when storing hair extensions, but this is not favorited amongst us that prefer high quality human hair extensions. Although boxes can be dry, they are also susceptible to dust getting inside of them. For this reason we suggest using satin bags. Simply roll your hair extensions up starting at the ends into a circle and place them inside of the Satin bag, pulling the drawstring of that bag if it has one or closing it tight and folding it. This will ensure that the moisture that you’ve applied to your hair extensions stays within the bag as well as keeping out any dust that could possibly get in from your home.