How To, Lace Closures Versus Silk Closures, The Ugly Truth

How To, Lace Closures Versus Silk Closures, The Ugly Truth

How To, Lace Closures Versus Silk Closures, The Ugly Truth

If you’ve been wearing hair extensions for as long as I have, you would have to agree “the weave game” has come a mighty long way! Who remembers the circle closures we were forced to use to cover up your tracks from a quick weave or sew in? Lol I remember those days. The struggle was SO REAL!

Now we have so many more options to make our extensions and weaves look way more natural; and I for one, am in love. We all know about closures and frontals by now. But what many of us don’t really know is the difference between a lace closure and a silk base closure. That’s what I’m here for! To drop some knowledge on ya.
First. What exactly is a closure?

By definition a Closure is referred to as an oblong or circle shaped piece of fabric, that has hair attached to it, with the sole purpose of being place on the top or side of your hair to be used as a finishing piece to close in an install (sew in or quick weave). It is used to make your weave look more natural. With the main function being to avoid leaving out any sections of your natural hair. Used to protect and maintain one’s natural hair.
Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss what the difference is between a lace closure and a silk base closure.

How To, Lace Closures Versus Silk Closures, The Ugly Truth

The base of a lace closure is made with nothing more than lace with hair strands embedded into the tiny holes. Lace closures are usually thinner and tend to lay flatter, which allows for a more natural looking hairline.

However, you will need to do some modifications to lace closures to achieve the best results. With the hair strands being directly embedded into the sheer lace, the tiny black knots where the hair and lace meet are very visible when placed against your skin.
One trick to fix this, is to simply bleach the knots to get rid of the grid-like appearance the dots create. Or alternatively, you can also apply a same skin tone concealer or foundation to the lace to achieve a more natural looking appearance.
It is important to know that the lace on closures may come in difference shades.  Choose a shade that works best for your scalp color. Even though, the lace of closures may come in different colors, the good news is that they are still very much transparent, so you can alter it to match your skin tone with different techniques.

A silk base closure is made with a silk base……….. Duh!….. I know! Lol,,,,, but I wanted to make sure you were following along.  They are made with hair strands embedded into a nude, skin-like silk material that is reinforced with lace.
Silk base closures generally do not require any bleaching of the knots. Because of the silk material on the back on the closure, the knots are not visible and mimic the scalp without needing many alterations.

How To, Lace Closures Versus Silk Closures, The Ugly Truth


The construction of silk closures make the hair unit look more natural and more like your scalp. The silk material underneath is the most ideal method for using a closure as the finishing piece to your hair install. However, this type of closure tends to be a little thicker, which can pose as a challenge for getting a super flat install.

Silk closures are not as transparent as the lace closure, because of the different layers of materials. While the silk material helps to conceal the knots to create that “real scalp” appearance, we all know every scalp comes in many different shades and colors. For my darker complexion people, you may need to alter and tint your silk base closure to fit closer to your skin tone.

While there are numerous differences in a silk base and lace closure, the overall purpose remains the same. They are used to give you a very “flawless and natural look”.  They can also be used to alleviate and reduce the amount of stress or damage being put on your natural hair from wearing installs with sections of your hair being left out.  I personally love using both silk or lace because it allows me to do many different styles and colors without manipulating my own natural hair. Either silk or lace closures give me the freedom to choose any kind of style I desire. The main difference between silk base and lace closures are the material they are manufactured with.

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