How to prevent weft hair extensions damage

How to prevent weft hair extensions damage

It’s important to practice hair care before, during, and after wearing weft hair extensions. Today we’re going to discuss some of the precautions that licensed dermatologist recommend and protecting our hair from weft hair extensions damage.

It’s essential to care for hair properly in order to avoid damage by leaving Hairspray and many other styling aids out of our hair. conditioner is better to use for healthy and hydrated locks. Adding to that caring for your hair even when wearing hair extensions in the same manner as if you were not wearing hair extensions is absolutely critical for us all.

Another way to prevent damage is to make sure you use a license cosmetologist professional. This will ensure that your hairstyle would not be too tight, having a hair style that is too tight this known medically as traction alopecia, and can be permanent when there is a constant tugging on the hair. If your hair is in discomfort or painful, we should let our stylists know immediately so they can adjust the style.

How to prevent weft hair extensions damage

Using shampoo that is mild and moisturizing but keep the hair clean and hydrated, and washing your hair is frequently as recommended for the particular hair type that you’re wearing is a best practice. Protecting your edges to avoid hair extension damage is also essential, as your edges extremely delicate and have to be protected in order to be maintained.

 These fine hairs need to be taken special care of, and when using styling gel on them make sure that it is water based and conditioning. Do not use styling tools that are way too hot on these delicate hairs.

Another way to avoid weft hair extension damage is to refrain from wearing weft hair extensions for a while. If you’re wearing hair extensions, it is recommended that you wear them before 2 to no more than four months before giving your hair, follicles and scalp a break which would equal to much needed rest for them all.

This goes without saying but overusing heating devices should be avoided at all costs. Just like with your natural hair using too much heat can cause with hair extensions irreparable damage. Follow these tips and you will avoid any damage here horror stories