How to Refresh Your Human Hair Wig

How to Refresh Your Human Hair Wig

Before thinking of replacing your current human hair wig, it is important that you try refreshing it first. Human hair wigs, if cared for nicely, should serve you for a very long time. We sometimes are in a hurry to dispose our wigs the moment they start looking messy and unkempt. The following tricks will help you fix your wig, leaving it looking as good as new.

Tips for Caring for Your Human Hair Wig

Tip #1: Get a shampoo and conditioner meant for human hair wigs. Sometimes, your favourite hair products can be too harsh for human hair wigs, hence the need to get the right products.

Tip #2: Avoid sleeping or showering with your human hair wig on! This helps maintain its tip-top condition for a longer period of time.

Tip #3: Store your human hair wig correctly. Avoid leaving it on the floor or anywhere else. Instead, hang it on a wig stand or store it in its box. This makes it easy for you to simply grab and put it on the next day.

Tip #4: Brush your wig gently. If possible, use a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage and keep it neat.

Tip #5: Take good care of your natural hair as well! Owning a wig does not mean that your natural hair should stay neglected.

Tips for Refreshing Your Human Hair Wig

Using Heat Styling Methods

When buying a wig in its natural style, you can never go wrong as it’s smooth and soft right out of the box. However, four weeks down the line, you might start to tire of it and want a change. One of the easiest ways to achieve a different look is by using heat. With a moderately heated curling iron, you can change your wig from the sexy and smooth to suit and curly in just a matter of minutes. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs work really well with heat.

Dying your Wig

Human hair wigs take in colour very easily. Just as you can colour your natural hair with any ordinary dye, human hair wigs can lighten as well. Be sure to wash your wig after dyeing it for that natural sheen. Some of the popular hair colouring techniques include highlights, split dyes, balayage, and stripes. There are countless fun ways to change your human hair wig colour.

Decorating Your Wig

If you’d rather go for a temporary change, then this is for you! Try headbands, ponytails and half ties to switch up your look in minutes. Get creative and explore the various styles available on the internet and let us know your favourite!