How to Respond to the WIG Question

How to Respond to “Are You Wearing a Wig?

How to Respond to “Are You Wearing a Wig?”

1. “ Yes, It’s my hair, isn’t it lovely?”

This is such a confident answer! Most people, when asking “Is that your real hair?” don’t mean to sound
rude, but it may come across that way. Simply answer confidently “Yes, it’s actually my hair, isn’t it

Whenever you buy something, a car, a phone, clothes, shoes, they belong to you. The same applies to
wigs. It’s your hair! You spent time deciding on whether you should buy synthetic or human hair, the
color, the length and even the style! So yes, it’s your hair and you look beautiful in it! Be proud of your

2. Ask why they are asking

If the person asking the question is close to you, feel free to ask them why they are asking. Most likely,
they are asking because your wig looks stunning and extremely natural! They may have noticed a recent
change in your hairstyle or are surprised that you are wearing a wig altogether. Most people are
interested in knowing your wig wearing experience as it is a topic that is rarely talked about. Kt could be
that they are just looking for advice on where to buy theirs from.
If the person asking is a stranger, choose a friendly tone. You could respond in a joking manner or simply
laugh off the situation. Or you could be direct and let them know that they are asking such a personal
question out of the blue.

3. Yes, I am. Here’s why…

Depending on who is asking and you are comfortable enough to admit it, say ‘Yes, I am and here’s
why..’. Then go ahead and explain how convenient the wig is, and the confidence boost it gives you. Of
course, you don’t have to go into details; it’s your hair, your wig, your head, and you are in control of the

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