Tips/tricks on How to Revive your Curly Hair Extensions

Tips/tricks on how to revive your curly hair extensions , Hair Extensions Giveaway

Tips/tricks on how to revive your curly hair extensions

Do you have old virgin hair bundles stuffed in a plastic bag tossed to the back of your closet or bathroom cabinet somewhere. Mainly because they look old, dull and lifeless. Or because they have lost those
bouncy beautiful curls they once had. If your weave has lost its will to live and in desperate need of rival
and CPR to bring it back to life keep reading. I’ll be giving you some simple and easy tricks to bring your
Body Wave, Loose Deep and Deep Curl bundles back to LIFE!!! Learn a few tips and trick on how to
revive your curly hair extensions.

When I buy virgin hair I treat it as an investment. If I have spent a few hundred dollars on a product I
expect to get my money’s worth. As many of you already know good quality virgin hair ain’t cheap. So I
wanna do everything I can to ensure my bundles last as long as they can.
If you know anything about virgin hair extensions, then you know that no 2 bundles are exactly the
same. So while some bundles may be on and popping and require very little help, other bundles may
need a little extra TCL from time to time.

First and foremost we want to start off by detangling the hair extensions. Use a wide-tooth comb. Avoid using a paddle brush, which can cause unnecessary breakage or shedding. Keep in mind to always start
detangling from the ends of the hair and slowly work your way up to the roots.
However, the best method to use is finger detangling. Using your fingers ensures the least amount of fall
out and breakage from your hair extensions. After the hair has been detangled, you can move on to the
fun parts.

Tips/tricks on how to revive your curly hair extensions

Cleansing Your Tresses
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. You DO NOT have to shampoo your hair to get it clean. To be
honest when it comes to curly hair I would skip shampooing all together and instead use a co-wash. Co-
washing helps to cleanse the hair without stripping it of its natural oils and essentials.
NOTE: While washing your hair extensions be very gentle. AVOID rubbing or scrubbing the hair together
because this will cause unwanted tangles.

Deep Conditioner Treatment
Just like naturally curly hair, curly and wavy weaves are more susceptible to dryness. And we all know
dryness is the leading cause of issues such as breakage and a bad case of the frizzies.
To combat this issue always deep condition your hair extensions. After all, a deep conditioner treatment
is like mini facial for your hair. Deep conditioning treatments will open up the cuticles of your hair and
allows product to deeply penetrate the strands which will aid in bringing the life back those dull and
tried curls.

A trick that I like to use is after I wash the hair I make sure it is fully saturated with a really thick deep
conditioner. I make a water and conditioner mixture in a bowl, place the bundles inside of the bowl.
Then I microwave the hair for about 45 sec to 1:30 min.
WARNING!!! DO NOT microwave the hair for too long
This is like the ultimate treatment for the hair extensions. It really helps to increase the benefits of the
deep conditioner.


Tips/tricks on how to revive your curly hair extensions

ACV Rinse
Have you ever notice how sleek and perfect your bundles are when you first purchase them. That’s
because of the special process the manufactures use to fully seal the cuticles of the hair. However, the
hair cuticle will slowly begin to strip away as you begin to shampoo, use styling products, or hot styling
tools on your hair.

An ACV rinse is perfect in aiding the restoration of the proper pH balances to your hair. Apple cider vinegar has a low pH balance, which is ideal from hair extensions. The rinse will help lower the pH
balance and reseal the hair cuticle.

To do this, simply mix 3 parts water with 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar in a larger bowl or container. Then
fully immerse your extensions. Allow to soak for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. Rinse with cool water and
proceed with a deep conditioner.

Air Dry Your Hair
Air drying is your best option for curly or wavy hair extensions. Air drying can cause less dryness, frizz
and tangles.

I truly hope you have learned more about how to properly take care of your curly hair extensions and
how to bring them back to life if you have neglected them in the past. If you have any tips or tricks you
would like to share please leave a comment below.

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