How to Revive your Hair Extensions in 3 Simple Steps

How to Revive your Hair Extensions in 3 Simple Steps

How to Revive your Hair Extensions in 3 Simple Steps

For many ladies, hair extensions are their go-to option whenever they desire a luscious, long hairstyle that can revive your hair extensions. Many do not realize how important it is to look after them, sometimes even more than they look after their natural hair. Lack of professional help may result in your extensions being matted, dry and lifeless. Due to the natural oils produced by our scalp to protect our natural hair, extensions end up being matted. Most of the time this could be due to the quality of the extension even though the care is given matters a lot. You need to invest time and effort in taking care of your hair extensions to maintain them in their best condition.

Is there hope for my “Finished” Extensions?

Even though your extensions may seem completely ruined, do not get discouraged. A little bit of TLC and revival steps is all you need. An extensive, rejuvenating hair treatment helps extensively damaged hair.



Why does my hair Extensions Look Dry and are Tangled?

How to Revive your Hair Extensions in 3 Simple Steps


Revive your Hair Extensions

The most common reasons as to why your hair extensions aren’t in their best state include:

  • Natural oil deficiency
  • Exposure to hard water-dries up your hair extensions and discolors them.
  • Low quality of hair
  • Exposure to the sun-makes your extensions brittle.
  • Chlorine- renders your hair extensions unmanageable even though it is great for swimming pools.
  • Seawater has the same effect as chlorine water.

The factors mentioned affecting both your hair extensions and natural hair by making them porous hence highly absorbent to chemicals. As a result, the hair becomes dehydrated and is stripped off of the natural oils in it. Sometimes, color pigments are stripped off leaving your extensions with a brassy tone.

How Can you Salvage your Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are prone to becoming matted, dry and tangled. It is only with the right care and attention that they can be revived, softened and made manageable. The end result is usually a gorgeous look, the look you have always desired.

Step 1:

Carefully treat your hair extension, just as you would your natural hair. A regular trimming will help retain the quality of your hair. Hair tips are the oldest part of the hair and since they are made from natural hair, they are prone to breakage. Chop around an inch every nine to twelve weeks. Even though they will become shorter, you’d rather have healthy hair extensions, right?

Step 2:

Pre-poo the hair to deeply nourish it using a pre-poo treatment of your choice. Be sure to fully coat your hair from the roots to the ends and then let it soak for at least an hour (soaking overnight would be recommended for better results if you have the time). This will facilitate the absorption of the nourishing oils found in your treatment, including olive, almond, coconut and avocado oils.

Step 3:

How to Revive your Hair Extensions in 3 Simple Steps

Once the pre-pooing has been done for as long as possible, wash off the treatment using a shampoo and conditioner of your choice. The pre-poo should easily wash off as it is usually light. Repeat the washing till you are sure there is no more product left.

You will notice that your extension will become easier to manage, and even softer. Continue the treatment for an entire month to ensure that your hair does not become knotted and unmanageable again.

Following these simple step will for sure make every head turn when you walk into a room because your hair will be shiny, soft and damn beautiful!

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