How to Save Money and Still Rock High-Quality Hair Extensions

How to Save Money and Still Rock High-Quality Hair Extensions

How to Save Money and Still Rock High Quality Hair Extensions

Is your budget tight yet you still desire increased hair volume and length by rocking high quality hair extensions? Everyone wishes to get high-quality extensions and still save some coins. Being on a tight budget should not mean wearing low-quality hair extensions. Hair extensions can make you dig deep into your pocket, especially when you have no idea of what to look out for. The pieces of advice shared in this article will help you save money and still wear that extension you have always coveted while not running bankrupt. A tight budget should not limit you!

Why should you avoid low-quality extensions?

Many ladies think that buying synthetic, low-quality extensions is the best way to save money. Such hair comes from untrusted sources and their labels are usually not an accurate representation of what is actually being sold. What’s more, synthetic extensions cannot last for even a month, as they easily get damaged and shed a lot. They say, cheap is expensive.

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Extension type

Since you intend to save some coins, you may want to go for the hair extension type that makes you save the most amount of money. Clip-in extensions are believed to be the cheapest type of extension. This is true, even though they are not the only type of affordable hair extension. Some stores have micro rings, i-tip extensions and even tape-ins that cost pretty much the same as clip-ins. You are at liberty to choose from any of these styles.

Identifying the right store

Check out the reviews of the seller you intend to buy extensions from. They should be transparent and trusted. The number of stores that sell synthetic extensions at the same price as Remy hair is huge, and you need to beware of this.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Choosing length

A 30″ mermaid-like extensions may sound appealing, but it is not very necessary. Lesser lengths can still be used to achieve the desired looks. 8-15 inches should help you achieve the style you are aiming for.

Weight guide

Choosing extensions that are reasonably thick could save you some bucks. Their weight is measured in grams and ranges from 40 to 220 grams. For regular use, you do not need a whopping 220 grams. 50-100 grams should give a significant amount of volume and thickness.

Shipping and return policy

If you shop from a store offering free shipping, the cost of your extension will be significantly lowered. Be sure to check that the store has a return option should the extension not meet your preference.

Do It Yourself

Having a hair professional install the extensions for you is much more expensive as compared to installing them yourself. Most installation methods are pretty simple and can easily be done at home.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Maintenance and refitting

Both of these services can be quite pricey if offered at the salon. Clip-ins do not require regular refitting, and might be the best option for you if you are looking to save some coins. Other extensions such as keratin extensions, microbeads and tape-ins require regular refitting and this means an additional cost. Going for simpler extensions would save you money, time and are beginner friendly.

We hope the tips shared will make your shopping experience a memorable one, as you will get to save some money and still wear high-quality hair extensions.



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