How to Seamlessly Blend Hair Extensions with Natural Hair

Malaysian Deep Curl Hair Extensions , How to Seamlessly Blend Hair Extensions

How to Seamlessly Blend Hair Extensions with Natural Hair


If you want to know how to seamlessly blend hair extensions with natural hair you need to keep 3 major things in mind.

  1. Choose the with the right hair color.

We want to choose the right colors to make sure we cannot see a huge difference between our hair and the hair extensions. If you want to play around with color the best way to do this is by adding high or low lights. As well as doing the ombre method. I personally love the ombre effect because I can still keep my natural roots one color and choose any color I want to gradually cascade towards the ends of my hair.


  1. Most importantly, choose a texture that will match yours.

This is the begin all and end all when it comes to blending hair extensions with your natural hair. You must… ladies I repeat YOU MUST chose a texture that is like onto yours or very compatible to yours. For example if you have curly or wavy hair choose a pattern that is similar to your own. If your hair is straight but you want to wear curly hair extensions find a method that can be used to manipulate your hair texture to match the (Malaysian deep curly hair extensions). One way you can do this is by using perm rods or flexi rods to set your leave out.


  1. Layering your hair extensions.

You can do this by simply purchasing different lengths or inches. Such as 14”, 16”, 18”. Using multiple lengths is a great way to seamlessly blend your hair with your extensions. This will give you a nice layered effect without you even trying or putting forth too much effort. You may also want to try cutting longer or shorter layers into your hair extensions depending on the length of your natural hair. I would advise to cut just below where your natural hair ends.

Cutting layers into will help to remove the weight lines and frame your face for a more natural look.



Hair extensions are the best thing invented since sliced bread. However we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make this beauty enhancer look as natural as possible. We never want to be that girl in the room where everyone can tell you’re wearing hair extensions because there is a blunt and obvious separation from your natural hair and the extensions.  But as long as you follow these simple steps you will never have to be concerned if people can tell that you are wearing extensions.

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