How To Take Care Of a Men’s Hair Units

How To Take Care Of a Men’s Hair Units

How To Take Care Of a Men’s Hair Units


As you all may know Man units or Man toupees (most commonly known as the man weave now) has been around for years. Although they have gotten a really bad rep over the years, we’re learning new techniques and methods to make them look a whole lot more natural. They’ve come a mighty long way, kinda like the lace front.

If you not sure what a man unit is, they are “custom hair units, commonly referred to as a “man weave,” or  hair extension for men who are thinning or experiencing hair loss due to aging or alopecia.”
For my brothers that are new to the whole idea and/or thinking about getting one for yourself, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to properly take care of your Man unit/ Man weave. I listed a few of the Do’s and Don’ts.

Men’s Hair Units

  1. Always use large-toothed combs or a wig brush on your hairpiece hair. These tools will help with de-tangling and help to avoid shedding.
  2. To avoid a torn hairpiece always brush gently and lightly. Make sure to start from the ends and work your way upper wards to the roots.
  3. Keep the hairpieces clean.  Use only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner so the base and the quality of the hair will not become damaged fast.
  4. After washing DO NOT squeeze the hair UNIT. Let it air dry naturally preferably on a mannequin head. Instead blot the unit with an old t-shirt or very soft cloth.
  5. AVOID using hand held blow-dryers.
  6. Always be extremely careful when removing the hairpiece or go to a professional.
I hope these tips were useful in helping you to maintain and care for your man unit or man weave.
Let me known how you feel about the growing trend of “Man Weaves”. Fellas, are you interested in getting one for yourself? Ladies, are you ok with your man getting a man unit? If so, why or why not? I gotta know!!!


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  1. Rebecca Gardner says:

    Thanks for explaining that wide-tooth combs are best for hairpieces because they won’t cause shedding. My husband has decided to shop for a lace-front hairpiece he can wear to boost his confidence as he starts interviewing for a new job. I’m glad I read your article so I can help him properly care for the hairpiece he ends up getting.

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