How to Wash a Wig After its Installed

How to Wash a Wig After its Installed

Most people buy their wigs have them installed and wait until they just can’t take it anymore to uninstall the wig and then wash it. This is a step that can be avoided by just keeping the wig installed on your head and washing it while it’s still installed. Most people don’t know how to do it, but we’re going to show you how.

Rule 1: No entanglements. Is really important for you to detangle your hair before you shampoo it. If your detailed the hay area will help the shampoo to clean the hair more thoroughly. All you need is a detangle brush in order to save time following this rule. Make sure that you are not cheap on choosing a detangle brush because you don’t want to pull out any hair. As always start at the very end of the hair brushing downward and continue to rise little by little toward the root of the wig. It’s best to do this wet with a cold wash so that it will be easier and let have less friction.

Rule 2 conceal the edges: Wrap the edges with a scarf to ensure that they do not get wet. Keeping them dry we’ll keep the glue intact and the wig on your head.

How to Wash a Wig After its Installed

Rule 3: Shampoo vigorously. Do your best to keep the top of the head dry so the water does not get into your natural hair. Water getting into your natural hair will create a wet and moist habitat coupled with darkness this can actually stimulate mold or mildew in your natural hair under the wig. Use quality shampoo and just like shampooing your natural hair make sure that you allow the shampoo to lather up and soak up any dirt and grime. Rents and repeat. We think it’s a good idea to allow the shampoo to soak on the hair for at least 7 to 10 minutes to really loosen any dirt.

Rule 4: time to condition. now that you’ve stripped all of the essential oils from the hair follicles with the shampoo it’s time to add those oils and needed moisture to keep the hair pliable and malleable. When conditioning here allow the hair to soak in the conditioner for 45 minutes rinse and we actually suggest that you repeat this again. Repeating it again is not necessary, but it is suggested.

How to Wash a Wig

Rule 5: gently drying the hair. using a quality tile to soak up moisture in the hair is important but what’s equally as important is blow drying the hair on a cool setting. Once again not hot and not warm, but a cool setting. Low drying on a cool setting we’ll take the hair longer to blow dry period it could take up to 45 minutes or an hour but by doing this you allow the follicles to relax clothes as they’ve been opened with all of the warm and hot water with washing and rinsing. And it encourages bouncy locks.

We gave you the game now use it, no need to take off your wig and wash it just to go to the stylist and have them re install it. Just wash it while it’s already on your head. And thank us later.