How to Wear Hair Extensions and still look Professional in the Work Place

Hair Extensions and still look Professional

How to Wear Hair Extensions and still look Professional in the Work Place


Have you ever gone to a corporate meeting or been in a corporate office setting and seen a woman with
loud pink hair or hair that is all the way down to her butt like an exotic dancer. (Not that there is
anything wrong with the naked hustle. Get your money girl!) Guess what? YOU WON’T!! If you are new
to corporate American or want to break your way in but love to wear hair extensions and not quite sure
what is considered appropriate then this article is for you.

Weaves In the Work Place
When it comes to wearing weaves and hair extensions in the work place less is always more. You want
to pick a style that is modest and minimal. Kind of “plain Jane” if you will.
For a corporate environment, it’s best to get something that is sleek and classy. Try something that is
straight with a neutral colored. If you just can’t help yourself and you must get those long Mink Brazilian
Body Wave or Loose Deep bundles installed and you feel like it would be a waste of a good sew-in or
appointment to the hair salon, then opt to pull you hair back into a sophisticated bun or ponytail.
This will give you an instant classy and professional appearance for the work place.

Wigs in the Work Place
What I love about wigs is that can you can change your look instantly and as often as you want.
However, the same rules apply when it comes to wearing wigs in a corporate office setting. Choose a
wig that says Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama. Find a style that either of these ladies and wore and
chose one that fits you and your personality best.


How to Wear Hair Extensions and still look Professional in the Work Place

The best part about wearing wigs in the work place is, if you feel like the wig doesn’t express your
personal style and you’re more of a Nikki Minaj type. Guess what you can always snatch it off once you
get home. Hell, snatch it off when you in the car and head the next happy hour joint, if that’s what you

Wigs are great because they don’t lock you down into one style, which gives you the freedom to not be
committed to one style in particular.
**Ladies please note to invest in great quality wigs or hair extensions for the work place. Nothing worse
than seeing a woman with matted and tangled hair. Looking like a bird’s nest on her head. When you are
wearing hair extensions you want them to look natural and presentable. Not just for the work place but
for your personal life as well

Hair Color in the Work Place
With any professional position, unnatural colors and bright colors, are a HUGE NO NO!!
I know.. I know neon colors, rainbow hair and bright hair colors are in this season. However, you simply
cannot wear them as a professional woman. At least not in the work place. Not in a corporate America
work place. You can probably get away with it if you are a hair stylist or work in a hair salon. But if you
work in an office setting then more than likely it will not be accepted.

Ladies, if you want to play around or experiment with color the best way to go about doing so is by
choosing colors that compliment your skin tone. Find neutral or natural colors to do high and low lights
with or even try doing ombre.

All in all, you should be able to express yourself in the work place but make sure when doing so you are
keeping in mind what a professional woman looks like. Still be you, but be you in a stylist, classy, chic
and sophisticated manner. Good luck ladies!!!

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