I Know my Skin Tone, What Wig Color Should I Wear? 

I Know my Skin Tone What Wig Color Should I Wear? 

I Know my Skin Tone, What Wig Color Should I Wear? 

The general rule of thumb is wearing a hair color that has opposite undertones from your skin. Did you know that? 

Well, don’t be confused – I’ll explain.

If you go for a hair color that’s the same undertones as your skin, your face will be washed out. This is why you might have noticed that women with warm undertones look good with cool-toned hair colors such as ashy brown or platinum blonde. On the other hand, women with cool undertones look good in rich, warm hair colors such as mocha browns and coppery reds.

Women with neutral skin are the luckiest. They can comfortably rock any of the colors mentioned! 

But as with any rule, the always are exceptions. The guide below should help you settle for a color that ultimately compliments your skin tone.

Cool Blonde 

This color looks good on women with red undertones because the icy color neutralizes any redness on the face. Cool blue, green or grey eyes are best emphasized by ashy blonde colors because of their neutralizing effect. Champagne, platinum and beige colors compliment women with medium-toned skin. Think January Jones and Julianne Hough.

Warm Blonde

Women with cool undertones and fair skin look great in warm hair colors such as copper, honey, blonde and gold. These colors also complement women with olive skin as ashier hues tend to wash them out.

For women with deep skin and cool undertones, caramel and honey blonde should be their choice. A little bit of darkness at the roots adds an overall dimension.

Cool Brown

This color flatters everyone! It being a universal neutral color, makes it ideal for all skin tones.  On warm-toned skin, cool browns make the yellow tones to look milky and creamier. This color has a softening effect on women with deep skin. 


Confidence is what makes us look good. Besides the pointers given, you can trust your gut to pick for you a color that you’ll love for your everyday look. 

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