I Like Big Buns and I Can Not Lie

I Like Big Buns and I Can Not Lie

Give me a sister I can’t resist her; red beans and rice didn’t miss her.

OK, OK I got carried away with the song, but you get the premise here. When waking up early in the morning turning off that alarm on our phones and trying to wipe away the drool and crust to get ready for another day, doing our hair is the very last thing we feel like doing. Especially if last night was a rough one. And This is why we love big buns. LOL I can’t say this line without laughing out loud. Hair pieces like this can make our morning a dream. With a clean face a little lipstick and a hair bun we can all be out of the door in 20 minutes flat. Also don’t be afraid to substitute the hair bun for the hair extension ponytail or even a headband wig. But today isn’t about wigs or ponytails it’s mostly about buns so let’s stick to that LOL.

Preparing a bun from scratch with long hair would require for me to detail a very lengthy tutorial, that’s why this is about her extension buns that you can clip in or tie in quickly and go, go, go.

There are several hair bun styles for you to choose from and we’ll display them here to get you going.

I Like Big Buns and I Can Not Lie

Number one is the textured bun: This is a stylish and casual bun for wearing to work every day of the week and even on the weekends, no one can go wrong with this bun. It reminds me of the type of bun a woman that’s on the run where’s as she’s trying to be Incognito.

Number 2 is the elegant bun: Now we’re getting fancy. This bun is braided up into a very elegant look you can install it in just a few seconds, and it will look like your hair stylist spent an hour or more preparing your hair look.

Number three is the messy bun: I mean need I say more, many of us have had the messy bun by accident. But if you do it right it can look stylishly messy as if you don’t quite care but you still somehow look absolutely beautiful. I love to pull this look off on the weekends when strolling the mall, and make heads turn.

There you have it, there are your choice of buns to wear, so whenever you’re trying to get spiffy at the last minute never be afraid to rock a good bun. And remember I cannot lie LOL.