Lace Closure Wig…Do you even need it?

Lace Closure Wig…Do you even need it

Lace Closure Wig…Do you even need it?

Lace closure wigs are also referred to as wigs with a closure. Just like lace front wigs, lace closure wigs are used to achieve realistic hairlines and are a darling to many women. In this blog post, I am going to tell you more about lace closure wigs and why you should get yourself one if you haven’t.

What is a Lace Closure wig?

Lace closures can be equated to two bundles plus a closure. To achieve a lace closure wig, the closure is made from human hair and mimics your real scalp.

Lace closure wigs are available in the following options:

4*4 Lace closure wigs that have 4 inches across, up and down. The first digit represents that length of the closure left to right while the second digit represents the length from the forehead and back. This means you can part your wig up to 4 inches across and up to 4 inches back and forth. The same principle is also applied to the 5*5 and 6*6 lace closure wigs.

Features of Lace Closure Wigs

Lace closure wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair closures. The hair is of high quality, easy to handle, can be dyed and even bleached. The best part about it is that the closure creates a realistic hairline, allowing you to achieve any desired style. The closures can also be customized to suit your preference.

Advantages of Lace Closure Wigs

If made from 100% human hair, the closure offers breathability and incomparable flexibility.

The ventilated lace looks realistic and could easily pass for your scalp!

Lace closure wigs can be tinted, dyed and even curled.

Lace closure wigs can be used to achieve a natural hair parting.

They effortlessly blend with your natural hair, saving you lots of styling time.

Lace closure wigs offer a low cost method of enhancing or changing your looks

Why Should You Consider Getting a Lace Closure Wig?

  1. One of the best hair solutions

Lace closure wigs have a horseshoe-shaped lace piece at the closure part creating an undetectable hairline. Thin laces such as the Swiss lace are breathable and can be worn without adhesives

  1. Lace closure wigs give your hairline a breaks from over manipulation that comes as a result of daily maintenance and use of heat and chemicals.
  2. Lace closure wigs allow you to try different styles as often as you’d like.
  3. Closure wigs are cheaper than full lace wigs.


How Long Does Lace Closures Last?

To know the lifespan of your lace closure wig, the following factors have to be considered:

  1. The type of lace used as the lifespan of lace materials differ from one to another.
  2. Hair type – non-Remy hair is very fragile and can get damaged within a short time.
  3. Maintenance – this is the most crucial factor to consider. Neglect and lack of attention can significantly shorten your wig’s lifespan.

Generally, the life time of a lace closure wig is 6-8 months and is highly dependent on your caring methods. Just like your actual hair, lace closure wigs need the necessary care and love. Always consult your hair vendor to be on the safe side.

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